Guest Post: Sideburns!

4:06 PM


It’s Sideburns!

Hi everybody! This is Kyle a.k.a. Sideburns.

I know Sara has been nice enough to share the title of her blog with me for some time now, but I figure it’s about time I said hello once in a while.

I’m 29 going on 12, and I am the lucky guy who gets to see Sara every day.

I also am the proud “parent” of our two cats mary and barry, as well as our constant photo bombing dog louie.

I am fortunate to have an amazing group of people around me, my beautiful fiancé Sara, my twin Brian, 3 great siblings Chris, Danielle and Rich. I also have to mention my good buddy Dan.

I love Detroit tiger’s baseball, reading (very slowly!) and talking about how awesome Michigan is, oh and food, I really love food.

But really I hope to be stopping in more often to say hello to everybody and sharing my ramblings on life, food and everything in between.

Till then!


out 017

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10 Musings

  1. This was cool! Love those sideburns!

  2. Wow, total shock! So good to get the introduction.

  3. Wishing you guys all the best to the future. Cool plaid shirt!

  4. So rock'n this photoshoot! Glad you could post today.

  5. What a treat to hear from you, Kyle! I hope we get to see a Tigers game together someday.

  6. well take care of my friend and his girlfriend sara

    hugs rose jp

  7. Hi Kyle! It's nice to finally hear from you haha. I hope you stop by more often. :D

    P.S. Hey, Sara! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love watching the sunset!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee
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  8. I LOVE this peek at Kyle! He has such an awesome personality - just like you, Sara! I hope to read more from him! :)

  9. haha. My husband is 29 on 12 too! Recently he was telling me how if he had to choose to hang out with 15 year olds or 35 year olds, he'd choose 15 year olds.

    It was great to read your post and about you. Have a great day/week/month/year!


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