Eats: Avocado & Eggs English Muffin

6:50 PM

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I've mentioned before that I don't eat a whole lot of meat, and also, my love for English muffins. I eat a lot of eggs to put protein in my diet, and typically I will nuke them in a coffee mug in the microwave, which leads to Kyle getting pissed because there are egg guts stuck to the coffee mugs. This time I decided to scramble them up and try them with some left-over avocado. MMMMM!! This was so good! I literally just ate and I want to eat this again.

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All you need to do is scramble up some eggs (I use goat milk, easier on the system) and I threw in some onion. Next, toast up some muffins, I used a gluten-free/multi-grain brand from Whole Foods. Next slice up your avocado, thin enough for a sandwich. If your feeling it, add some hot sauce. You can either slap them together for a giant sandwich, or eat them separately. Either way, eggs, avocado & hot sauce = heaven.

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Song of the day "Helena Beat"By Foster the People

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  1. hummmmm Saraaaaa delicious...i love avacato...

    kisses rose jp

  2. Yummmy. I love avocado, but they've been so expensive! You know what's also a good alternative to cow's milk? Coconut milk, it's so tasty!

  3. I've never had avocados and eggs. Interesting.

  4. Looking great! Beautiful foodie pictures!

  5. aww sara you're always making me hungry on your blog haha

    ps i love foster the people their like my new favorite band

  6. I need to try Avocado one of these days - everyone is always raving about it! :)

  7. Such an amazing foodie post! Hope you have a sweet weekend!!!

  8. Mmm, eggs, avocados and english muffins? I am so on board. I, too, have a love of all of those! The only thing I do differently is I mash my avocado. I don't know why but I don't like the texture of it unless it is smashed into oblivion.


  9. I am gaga for avocados therefore I'm sure this was delicious! :D

    P.S. You so need to read 'The Hunger Games'. Trust me, it's good!

    Lots of love, B
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  10. I've really been down with using more hot sauce lately... especially on my tofu scramble (which would be awesome on an English muffin with avocado too!!!)

  11. This looks super yummy, may have to try this out! :)

  12. Delicious. I just love english muffins and avocado is great too.

  13. wake up at 2.10am because i'm hungry. and now i'm not hungry anymore... i'm starving! hahaha :D look yummy, sara :))

  14. I love breakfast. I could eat it three times a day.


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