Eats: Turkey Chili

10:17 PM

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Finally, we are at the last of the turkey left-overs. I did make this a few weeks ago, and I am already missing it, I loved this recipe so much! I stole it from Mel, a variation on her vegan chili.

What you'll need:
-Can of red beans
-Can of black beans
-Olive oil
-2 sticks of celerly
-One carrot
-Can of chopped tomato
-Left-over turkey
-Salt & Pepper
-Red pepper flakes

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Chop up the turkey and veggies and add the cans of beans and tomatoes to bowl. Mix together and add the oil and the seasonings in. I ended up throwing it all in the crock-pot for four hours on high and then we snacked on it all week.

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I made some corn muffins with some Jiffy mix and we even added some shredded cheese and it was great! I love comfort foods like this and I love crock-pots! Seriously, I bought this one from the Salvation Army last year for really cheap and it is the greatest thing ever. You just throw a bunch of food in it in the morning and by the time you get home from work, it's like someone was home cooking a meal for you. I know, cheesy but hey you can't beat that! I like to cook, but not if it takes more than a half-hour and meals like this are so great for this time of year. Don't forget to check out Mel's post for the vegan version.  

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13 Musings

  1. I wished I'd done that with my left over turkey!

  2. Looks super delicious!! You have just inspired me to make this for dinner this week; hope mine comes out as good as yours ;)

  3. I think this is the perfect meal to break in my new crock pot!

  4. This looks like such a hearty meal for the winter! :)

  5. that corn muffin looks super duper awesome. and i haven't had chili in a while, but i think it would be great to have this week to warm me up from the super cold temperatures.

    nice recipe!

  6. That looks amazing! What I wouldn't do to come over to yours for dinner! Yum :)

    Girl about Town XxX

  7. this is making my mouth looks i incredibly delicious. my mother in law made turkey pot pie the day after thanksgiving. i love the post thanksgiving recipes

  8. Turkey chili is one of my favorite dinners, and this recipe looks delicious! I'll have to try it out :)

  9. It looks delish. By the sound and looks of it, it really does.


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