Horseshoe Falls

5:30 PM

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Every time I write out a schedule for my blog posts and get ready to prep them, I scroll through photos to upload and I end up finding more stuff to post about from our vacation. I hope you guys are not getting tired of looking at vacation photos just yet, I still have a few more posts to get through, so please bare with me!

On the way back to our campsite after bumming around Munising, we came across a little sign that read "Horseshoe Falls". Of course we had to check it out. Basically it was a little gift shop with a trail behind it leading to a little waterfall. It was such a cute little surprise! The woman in the shop was so nice, she chatted Kyle and I up and we ended up getting a little wooden wind chime that sounds really nice out in the yard right now, I told you I am an old lady, hehe. The best part of the stop was the little pond filled with chubby fish and ducks that you could feed. The duck was quite friendly. 

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So besides scrolling through photos from vacation and wishing I was in the UP again, life has been insane but great lately. I have finally figured out a good schedule for blogging, school & homework. I am working on my workout schedule, I had a very unrealistic one and I keep ending up way too tired to finish more than two workouts a week which is getting me nowhere so I think I have a good plan now. I kind of screwed myself out of a am workout on account of me taking Louie for walks at 5:30am every morning but he is so cute, I can't say no to him. Plus, even if it is walking, it is better than nothing right?

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Song of the day "Well respected man" by The Kinks

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18 Musings

  1. These photos are lovely. That duck is the cutest. I told my doctor that I 'walk the dog everyday' but he did not think that counted as exercise... I disagree with him

  2. What fantastic pictures! I love seeing vacation photos, and this looks like a gorgeous place. The pic of you feeding the duck is adorable, & the falls are stunning. We are off to visit some falls near our place next weekend, yay, can't wait! ♥ veronika

  3. Ahhh, the UP. Counting the days until my trip in October!

    As for working out in the AM, I used to have great intentions to do the same, but it *never* works out that way. I'm unmotivated to exercise in the morning, and I need all the time I can get to just get ready for work, make my lunch, feed the beasts, etc. Instead I workout immediately upon getting home from work in the afternoon, and that seems to be working for me. With school AND work, I'm sure it's more difficult for you, but once you find your groove, I'm sure it'll work out for you (pun intended!)

    Good luck!

  4. I love your vacation posts! I get to see really cool places:D It's good to hear that you've finally worked out a schedule, between all of those I'd go crazy myself. And yes, walking is so much better than nothing at all, so don't worry about it.

    I'm usually scared of duckies but that one looks so nice :)

  5. Oh! That looks so beautiful where you're at! And I love how chic you look when hiking! I'm very impressed.

  6. I'm sure Louie is a workout.

    Love the waterfall pics! Cute ducks too!

  7. Oh so beautiful. I can see why you want to go back.

  8. Such awesome photos! Oh, such a great post. I'm hoping the schedule works out.

  9. Love the pics. What a great vacation! All the best to this semester too.

  10. So good to see all this nature!!

  11. Those falls are so pretty. I've been loving all your vacation posts. Most of the time when I want to go on a vacation it's to a big city. Maybe then next time around, it'll be more nature related.

  12. Amazing photos again! And it's always great to run into a friendly duck ;-)
    Keep on posting those vacation shots!

  13. Gah! I cannot imagine anything more charming than the name Horseshoe Falls. It sounds like something out of a fairytale doesn't it? And the duck. Oh, I want to take her home! :)

  14. it looks like you had fun girl! i wish i could get my schedules figured out. i had a good one going for blogging each day and all but now i'm stumped again! time to start working on it :)

    you look adorable, and beautiful pictures!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  15. That place looks so cute! I'm surprised you were brave enough to try and pet a duck haha

  16. I don't mind looking at your vacation photos. It's good that you get to manage your time and I'm excited for tomorrow. I'm going camping in the mountains with my boyfriend and some friends so I might as well say the things that you did on this entry. Haha!

    Happy Weekend! :)


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