Eats: Broiled Fish

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Kyle and I eat a lot of fish, and although I have made pan-fried Perch before, our favorite way is broiled. It is really easy to prep & cook, and does not take long at all. I usually have a broiled Fish meal for two done in under a half-hour.

As you can see here, the most common fish found at our dinner table is typically Salmon and Tillapia. All you need is:

-One pound of Fish
-Seasonings (I use lemon pepper & Cayenne pepper, & sometimes Paprika).
-Butter (I used coconut butter).
-Olive oil

Set oven to broil, it will take a few minutes to preheat. Slice up your fish into two sections, place in the broiler pan. Next, fill the pan half way with water, and half with the olive oil, try not to overfill it because it will spill out and burn you when you take it out of the oven (ahem). Next, sprinkle seasonings to taste on top of both pieces of fish, then add a few small pats of butter on top of the fish. Cover with broiler lid and cook for about 15-20 minutes. 

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I love to just heat up some veggies in a pan with some pepper and toss them on some rice with the fish, yummy in my tummy, haha.  Seriously though, this is really quick and easy to do, by no means am I a real cook, but this is just a simple way to make a quick meal.Typically, I would just cook up some brown rice and season that to taste, but as you can see here the ten minute rice from the grocery store is good too, it is just not really healthy.

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salmon 003

What is your favorite fish dish?

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19 Musings

  1. oh goodness. I am a huge fish eater. I could live off of salmon, tilapia, trout, etc. . . . . . .
    I want to eat what I see on your blog RIGHT NOW.

  2. Love fish that's baked in foil with some white wine and a bit of salt. Must try your version soon

  3. Mmm I love love love fish! ANy kind! But i love it steamed with ginger and soy sauce. NOM!

  4. Mmm... I'm heading over to your house for dinner!

  5. such a pretty foodie picture. Wished I like fish more.

  6. Really so healthy and It looks really good.

  7. Yummy! Love the asparagus and squash too!

  8. Im loving all you "eats" post...and simple/easy dishes always seem to taste the best! ;)

  9. YUM!!! I want to try this! I love Tillapia! It's great that it can be done quick to, I'm so trying it next time.

  10. that's so cool you've got squash. I love squash that way. I'm very good at burning fish..yet, I do love blacken fish..which I guess is different.

  11. i love to cook salmon, but this, this looks way waaaaay better than my cooking. you make me hungry. LOL. ;)

  12. i love salmon, and this particular one looks so yummy! :-)

  13. Cute header, (:

  14. What delco food.
    I loved the pictures.

  15. This looks delicious! I'm a huge fish fan, so I'll have to try this!

  16. mmmm those plates look soo delicious! we usually pan-fry as well. but that fish looks so yummy in that pan... broiling might be the new way for us to go!



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