Guest Post-Sparrow & Urchin

5:34 PM

new camera 022

Hey lovely readers, I am guest-posting over at Lauren's blog, Sparrow & Urchin today while she is making the trek across country with Lee! Go check out some of my good-times with my favorite outfit photo accessory, Louie. 


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6 Musings

  1. So loved your guest post with Louie!

  2. I have officially fallen in love with Louie! :) You guys are so cute! *waves hi to Louie*

  3. Dogs are the best accessories. Apparently Gatsby has been on a hunger strike since I left for Scotland aw

  4. Gah! I LOVE this picture, Sara! Off to check out your post now! :)

  5. Oh what a beautiful, loved the photos.
    This beautiful dog.


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