Hike To The Lower Falls

5:00 PM

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Every time we visited the Tahquamenon Falls in the past, we have always done the four mile hike between the falls. Every single time, we get very tired, and end up walking back along the road. This time we decided to walk with our camp group, with a tour guide to point out cool things to us as we walked the trails. It was a great decision because we only walked one way, got a ride from the tour guide, and snuck back into camp to use the showers again after. Great plan. 

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The hike made me feel a little better about all of the junk I had been eating on the trip. The hike is four miles up and down hill, with a ridiculous amount of stairs to climb. But was honestly pretty amazing on the trail. It was warm, but not too hot and the tour guide, Brian, was really nice and super informative. He pointed out all kinds of things that we would have not noticed on our own, and it was nice stopping and looking at the scenery with our small group. The best part had to be Champ, he is an old but sprightly dog, and he really enjoyed the water. 

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15 Musings

  1. What a great dog! Love the atmosphere!!

  2. A 4 mile hike! That is such a beautiful trail.

  3. Sweet post! I love the pic of the dog.

  4. Such a wonderful post. Really love the photos.

  5. What a wonderful post. Hope you are having a fun weekend.

  6. oh how pretty, i just want to go for a swim there! except... the water might be moving a little too fast :p

  7. Such gorgeous nature pics! It looks like so much fun!

  8. 4 mile hike!! But I guess you really won't notice it too much cause of the scenery <3

  9. the falls looks so scary. i still have to blog about my camping to the mountains and traversing down to the falls. it was an 8hr walk and like you, it felt good after all the junk i ate prior to camping/trekking.

  10. This post reminds of the Sufjan Stevens song of course haha, but seeing the actual falls is even more beautiful than a piece of music could ever be. I miss that landscape you can only find in the Upper Midwest. Thanks for sharing. Your travel posts always make me mildly nostalgic and homesick, but at the same time, they manage to quell those feelings because I know at least someone is enjoying it, even if I can't.

  11. What a great place! The doggie looks a lot like our doggie! So cute! And I really need a t-shirt like your friend's!! (with Cartman on - high fashion in my book)!! Kisses :)

  12. Great photos again, amazing landscapes!

    I love that song by the noisettes by the way, always makes me wanna sing along :-)

  13. This is my kind of vacation! these falls are beautiful. Champ is too cute! That would be so fun to hike with a doggie!


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