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I thought I'd take a break from all of the vacation posts to share with you guys a little trip we took over the weekend to the DIA with Mark and Mariah.We started out at Grand Trunk for some brunch, and then headed to the DIA to look at art for the afternoon. I love the DIA so much, it really is an amazing art museum. Mariah had a homework assignment  for her art class, so we were running around the museum scavenger-hunt style looking for specific pieces of art that she needed to take photos of for her class. It made the trip pretty interesting to say the least because we kept getting distracted by all of the amazing artwork.

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Kyle and I ended up have a coupon and bought a discount membership for the DIA for a year so I am so excited to go back with more friends! I seriously could spend hours there. They are even open later on Friday nights so I am hoping for a girls night at the DIA sometime in the next year, I think it would be amazing.

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Since the weather has been odd again in the Mitten, I thought a longer, yet light dress would be good for the day. I bought this one back in the early spring from the vintage section of Value World and I am kinda bummed that I have not worn it before. It has a great length and I love the seventies-style cut to it. I am already thinking of a few other ways to style this dress up for the blog.

We also ended up hitting up the Dally in the Alley, right off of Wayne States campus on the way home. I have been going to that for years and it was cool to take Mariah for the first time. It is basically an art/music/handmade goods event with some political speak-ups in four alley's in Detroit. It has become a little more commercial over the years, but not too bad.  Then we ended up at the WAB in Ferndale for a bite to eat before heading home to make a fire pit in the yard. Overall, I'd have to say it was a perfect September day.

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DIA 105

Dress, shoes & purse-Thrifted

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25 Musings

  1. Your outfit is so perfect...I love the style of the dress..and it's so cute with those shoes..for some reason I don't wear flats that often..but I love how they look with this :)

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. I lived with an artist for two decades, so I have a soft spot in my heart for art. And art nourishes my soul in important ways.

    I commend you for exposing yourself to it, Sara. That's so great.

  3. Love this dress on you.
    My parents used to drag me to an art museum on every trip so now they make me a little nostalgic for my youth (and my parents paying to get me in everywhere.)

  4. Ah, I wish I can go to some museum in my turf. Lovely dress, btw. :)

  5. Looking for specific artworks must have been so much fun! But I totally understand getting distracted, I have a habit of staring for long periods of time in museums, I would have failed at helping you guys hahah :D

    You're dress is so cute Sara! I have pieces in my closet that I haven't worn in a long time too! It's fun when you finally find that time when you can wear them :D

  6. oooh..what a lovely outfit. Such great art there. I like your friend's hat too.

  7. How fun. Love the pictures. Pretty dress too.

  8. TOTALLY diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig this post. I want to have fun too! :(

  9. Well I LOVE museums so this sounds like the perfect day for me :)
    You look so cute!

  10. I love this dress (it is very 1940s, which according to Mui Mui is very "in" this Season haha). I also love art museums and this one looks like it has a great variety. I love the owl sculpture, naturally.

  11. Oooh... So many different forms of art!! I could practically live in there!!! Awesome! Your dress is so cute and fashionable for fall! Kisses :)

  12. Love these shots, it's so great to wander around in museums, and just hang out and look at the art. Love it :-) You're dress is really pretty too, curious how you'll style it next time!

  13. I think this is the prettiest dress you've worn! It is quite lovely.

    That first painting. . .I think I stared at it for a good 3 minutes trying to get the whole scenario in my head. I'm assuming this really happened and the artist captured it. wow.

  14. What a very cool post! How amazing. Love the outfit.

  15. Great outfit, and this looks like a fantastic museum! It has a really interesting mix of styles and eras but all seems very locally grounded.

  16. Aw! These photos are aaaaalmost as pretty as your dress ;-) Looks like you guys had a fun time!

  17. that dress is amazing!

  18. Looks like you dressed perfectly for it (nice find, by the way) and that place looks like it was a blast. (:

  19. I love art museums! I've only been to a handful but they are such a lovely way to spend the day. I think they're kind of an under-rated activity (or at least in my area) because I can never find anyone to go with!

    I am looooving the dress you wore. It has such a beautiful print on it.

  20. Looks like fun! Makes me wish I had more time to enjoy all of the museums here in NY. Oh well, i feel like that sort of thing is great in the winter when it's too cold to do anything outdoors.

    Oh and this dress, it's ah mazing!


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