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While on vacation, the guys and I had our fill of delicious food from all of the places we visited. However, as a sort-of tradition, we tend to make UFO's (Unidentified Foiled Objects) at least once while camping. Roasting hot dogs is great and all, but these are an amazing and always so much better!

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You will need:

-Chopped up chicken
-Seasonings (we just used salt & pepper)
-Knife & forks

The first thing you are going to want to do is get a fire going a little while before you are ready to eat. It has to become hot enough so that it creates a lot of embers for the food to cook on. The guys did this since I tend to knock out the fire almost every single time I build one.

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Next, chop up all the chicken the veggies. We lucked out on veggies because we got these from a Farmers Market in Charlevoix, everything was fresh & really cheap. We hit up the store for the rest of the goods.

Pile up all of your veggies & chicken in a square of tin foil and add your seasonings. Leave any extra veggies aside, you can cook them up separate and snack on them later like we did.

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Next, you are going to want to ball up the tin foil. Double layer it so that it does not rip. You might want to try to make a sort of handle on the top in case you forget to bring tongs, so that you can pull your food out of the fire pit without burning yourself. Place on embers.

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Depending on how hot your fire is, the food can be done in about 10-15 minutes. It all depends on how little the chicken is chopped, and where you placed the UFO. You can always just throw it back on the fire if it needs more time. You can also heat up a can of beans or spaghettios in Dan's case, if you would like at this time as well, just open the lid half way and set it on the embers.

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Next, you are going to want to add your sauce. I added the spicy horseradish to mine and it was fantastic. Kyle added a cherry mustard that he got from the farmer's market, and I think Dan and Brian did as well.

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These are hands-down really easy to make and are not limited to chicken. Kyle learned how to make these in Boy Scouts years ago. Half the fun is making them and you better believe that Kyle and I will be making these at home in our little fire pit. Yum.

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  1. Oh my goodness..its great to learn this info..I often wondered what one eats at a camp fire. We usually, just had hot dogs..and of course, smores.

  2. Yum! Oh how I love camping food. I think I might be stealing this technique for lots of meals on my next trip!

  3. yum! we used to make these at camp but we called them hobo dinners which as you got older was weird but they are the same basic idea expect with a meat or veggie patty as well as ketchup and mustard cooked in. now i am officially hungry.

  4. oh, that looks good. i haven't gone camping in years, but if i go again i've got try this.

  5. So creative and yummy. Makes a change from burgers

  6. Looks so yummy! And I can imagine all kinds of ways to change it up! How fun.

  7. Hi there!! I loved that! What a great way of cooking stuff! :)

  8. I just ate lunch and you made me hungry!! Those are delish Sara! Just when my colleagues and I got back from a conversation about a hiking trip we want to take. This is a really good idea UFO's it is! :D

  9. I haven't cooked with a campfire in years, sadness! My neighborhood back home has too many trees, so we aren't allowed to have fire pits. I will have to live vicariously through you. It looks so delicious!

  10. Gah! This is like the cutest idea EVER, Sara! I think I want to make a UFO! :)

  11. Haha this is awesome. when i saw the title of this post I was confused how UFO's went with cooking. Great idea!

  12. wow....delicious

    kisses Sara!!!

    rose jp


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