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This post has been long overdue, but to be fair I really had to wait  for  a few days where it wasn't 90 degrees out so that I could actually test this product and give a fair review! A little while back, Misikko contacted me to do a product review for them on one of their styling products. If you have been a reader of this blog for awhile, you will know how much hair is a topic I like to mention at least once per month. I severely damaged my hair last summer when I attempted to put a bright purple color in my then already dyed black hair. Since then, I had to have my hair chemically stripped, had a light reddish color put over the bleach, and had a good few inches hacked off. There still are quite a few damaged bits in there and I have to carefully trim them out every 8-12 weeks. I never flat iron or curl my hair, and I almost never blow-dry it, except for those bangs.  

not purple 003diy 006
July 2010, damaged w/dye & Sept. 2010 chopped and recolored at a salon.

Misikko is a company that offers salon blow dryersFlat irons, and Chi Hair dryers, and  I was very hesitant at first to review a hair dryer because of all the damage it does to my hair. However, when I do go for trims, my stylist does dry my hair with a Chi hair dryer and my hair always has sleek, shiny results so I decided to take a chance on it, to see if I could achieve the same results. My current hair dryer is a result of a 2am impulse buy at a convenience store years ago so I figured an upgrade might be in order.  My package from Misikko arrived and it was as if the transition from never using a hair dryer to actually testing one out was known. There were all kinds of lovely goodies wrapped up with my Hanna dryer to make the transition go smoothly and to butter me up.

hanna 001
hanna 002
hanna 003
hanna 004

All kinds of goodies were included in my Misikko package, from shine shield to hand sanitizer, with a sleep mask and a stuffed monkey for good measure. I have had the pleasure of trying Paul Mitchell hair products at the salon so I was happy to have some at home to tide me over in between visits.

As I mentioned above, I never actually dry my hair, only the bangs but I wanted to give the product a real, honest review. So I decided to bite the bullet and try it. I did the safest thing I could think of and let my hair air-dry about 70% of the way, just like my stylist did when I went for a trim, and then I finished off with the Hana hair dryer while brushing it with my boar bristle round brush and I was happy to say that my hair turned out very smooth and sleek. The only bummer is that it has been so hot outside, that I end up throwing it up in a bun and don't get to really enjoy my smooth hair but that is summer for you! 

pesto 001

I would recommend Misikko's products based on this review of the Hana dryer, & also the shine serum. The only thing I am slightly bummed about is that there is not a retractable cord, but it did come with a nice cloth bag to store in so I have been using that to avoid having the cord tangled up.  You can purchase Misikko products here, and I just noticed that they offer free shipping for purchases over $50 if you would like to try a product yourself. 

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10 Musings

  1. I love the review..and your hair too!

  2. nicely done, girl! :) Maybe even better than my review lol.

    I so agree with that it's a bummer it doesn't have retractable cord, but still it was pretty rad!

    xoxo, Bree


  3. Very nice review honey! And cool hairstyle!

  4. So much stuff you got from them. Great going! I like the review too.

  5. Oh my, you don't even look as the usual Sara! But I like it :)
    Very nice review!


  6. Your hair looks so smooth! Great review.

  7. yeah that shine serum is amazing. It really makes a huge difference!!!! I haven't used my blow dryer since I did my review. I'm so bad. I should use it again now. My hair has mainly been up in a bun lately since I do ballet every day. eeek. I love your product photos too! very neat.

  8. That's a fab package of products. The Paul Mitchell products itself would be worth having. And I love how soft and shiny your looks after.


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