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2:50 PM


So as all of you already know, the final chapter of Harry Potter was released last Thursday night at midnight. So of course I had to do what any normal human being would do and stay up all night to see the movie and hang out with my friends! After rushing home from work on Thursday, I tried my best at taking a nap and awoke at 10pm to scrounge my closet for appropriate attire for the Harry Potter viewing. Of course Becky, Dan and I dressed up! We headed out to the same movie theater that we have been going to since we were kids, the Star John R in Madison Heights. It is definitely a little outdated but the nostalgia is hard to beat when walking through the doors. Back in 2004, Kyle and I actually spent one summer seeing every single movie that came out at this theater, haha, it really was a little ridiculous.  After the movie (which was amazing), we headed over to another favorite place of ours, National Coney Island in Royal Oak. Another place that you would have found us at any day of the week in high school. 


If you follow me on Twitter, you will see that I am kind of a Foursquare addict. I do not have a smart phone, I have an Ipod, so therefore I can only really check in to places that have wifi or sometimes I can check in from home. Well, Dan and Becky both received Harry Potter badges from checking in and sadly, I did not. I was very bummed. But not as bummed as I am about Harry being over. It is just like when Gilmore Girls, Buffy and X-files all ended. Every time something from my youth is over, I just feel so depressed. Harry Potter was over when the last book came out, but I had the movies to look forward to. Now, a part of my childhood is over. I mean, I will just re-read the books over and over again, I will watch the movies over again, just like I do with Gilmore Girls and Buffy but that is the only way to hold onto it. I think that is the reason I still hold onto my beat up purple chucks from high school (as seen in above pictures) because sometimes I do realize that yes, I am homeowner, I have a full-time job, I am engaged to an amazing person, I have three animal kids that I adore, but, but..sometimes I want to stay 14 years old. If only for a few hours. I have an amazing life and friends that I would not change for the world, hell, I still hang out with the same people I did when I was 14! But sometimes, it feels good to get lost in something where your only concern is, why, whenever something happens, it is always those three?. 

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  1. OMG, I miss Gilmore Girls. ;_;

  2. I have yet to watch Deathly Hollows 2 but from what I've read from other blogs, I need to bring some tissues.
    I agree with elbee, I miss Gilmore Girls too. There hasn't been a show like that since.

  3. Yes, it's kind of sad also to me, the end of an era. I haven't watched the last movie yet, though I'm going to watch it tomorrow with my brother and my man Moreno.
    I felt the same way as you did when Gilmore Girls, X-files and Dawson's Creek ended! Sometimes I feel like I'm a teenager (even though I'm already 23), but I don't really know whether it's a positive thing or not.
    Thanks for your nice comment on my post dear!
    Ah btw nice pictures :) I love the fact that you and your friends dressed up for the occasion!

  4. It really was a lost week..with Harry and the gang. Although, I gotta say, I love Rupert with a beard and that hair..possibly the only one who does..I gotta wonder if I should even review the movie..its just something to hang on personally.

    You guys ROCK!

  5. I love your post. So bitter sweet about Harry Potter..but then again, we are all growing up, too. Love your outfit!

  6. Such a fun post..and heart-felt too!

  7. Aw, bitter sweet I know..but you did it fabulous on this event.

  8. Definitely the end of an era. And they stayed true to the books till the end

  9. You guys look ridiculously cute :)
    I so agree. It really is the ending of an era.

    Harry Potter is simply amazing! Everything about is is magical. <3

    That shirt is sexy! I want ;)

    xoxo, Bree

  10. I so love the fact that you dressed up for Harry Potter!!

    P.S. I've always wanted to stay eternally 12 myself (don't ask me why!). :)

  11. aww :c that sums it up.

    post potter depression

  12. It's possible, buddy, to keep one foot in adolesence while stepping into adulthood. Look at me!

  13. Love your outfit! Zach actually had never read or seen the movies till I was watching the old ones that were on during the harry potter marathon on ABC family...and got him hooked! haha So for his bday yesterday I took him to see the last one since he made me rewatch all of them with him. So good. :)


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