Sparrow & Urchin Etsy Discount Code!

9:09 AM

Alrighty folks, you may have or have not noticed that I have a few sponsers over on my sidebar, well incase you were wondering, yes, Sparrow & Urchin Etsy is Lauren's Etsy shop and she is giving everyone a special discount with a code for the month of Decemeber!!

So, use the discount code HOLYDAYZ and get %15 off your purchase! Get your holiday shopping on, and give the gift of art!

Happy shopping!!!

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6 Musings

  1. She's so artistic! Great post!

  2. Such pretty pictures. Hope you have a fun weekend.

  3. I'm really glad you did this post. I hope she gets a lot of interest this Christmas.

  4. Her store looks like fun, I'll give it a look! :D


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