Star Wars Thanksgiving!

6:14 PM

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Saturday Lauren and Kevin held their Star Wars Thanksgiving party! I honestly wish that I had money to buy a proper costume, but then I would have a hard time deciding on who to be. Probably R2D2 because he was my favorite when I was little and watched all the *cough*Good*cough* Star Wars movies. Okay the new ones are not that bad, but what can I say? I like my classics. Instead I went to Meijer and bought a T-shirt from the little boys department, I LOVE IT!

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Look at Princess Lei, she's gone blonde! And look, R2D Tripp! I made Kyle wear a Star Wars T too, which is funny because he never saw any of the movies! I know! I used to know all the words to the movies when I was 14 and then I haven't watched any of them in almost ten years because Kyle won't sit through them. Low and behold, he did at Lauren and Kevin's party! *High-five Lauren!!* Now he wants to watch them all! I can't wait to sit him through them.

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Classic yes. We had a blast! I sat and listened to Lauren and her friends banter on the Wookie/Ewok situation in Return of the Jedi. George Lucas replaced the Wookie's with Ewoks because little kids were watching the movies, little kids like me! Okay, years later, but still! I have quite the obsession with Ewoks, I have an Ewok plush that is residing at my parents house, as well as my own copy of the Ewok movie : The battle for Endor (no, Kyle won't watch that either). But, you have to understand my obsession with teddy-bear like animals, I even used to get excited over the Snuggle commercials as a kid! I'd go "Ohhh!! Teddy!!" (My dad still reminds me of this at family gatherings).  I do love me some Chewy though, and I do agree that he should have gotten a medal at the end of A New Hope.

starwars 007

If you have not seen it yet, behold the Millennium Falcon cake!! Lauren made it all by herself and it was quite yummy (I think Kyle had two pieces). The Mr Potato heads were pretty festive as well. I can honestly say that I am a huge fan of themed parties. I think they are sooooo underrated! I like feeling like a little kid again, hey, it's the small things in life, no? Just to make it more adult, throw in some PBR and call it a night :)

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22 Musings

  1. Ahhh, I love your shirt! And a Star Wars party sounds like so much fun! :D I haven't watched Star Wars in such a long time, but now I really want to. You've put me in a sci-fi kind of mood!

  2. I was already jealous of this cool party when Lauren posted on it, but your account made me even more so! Love the sweatshirt

  3. I love the shirt! I use to be a huge Star Wars nerd too! I had ALL of the toys and knew all of the words!

  4. That is so sweet. We had a StarWars party at the lib. and a friend of mine's ex-boyfriend showed up with his Dad in these massive costumes. I had no idea they were in a real role playing game on weekends. It was a very hyper party.

  5. I never got into Star Wars, I think they were a few years before my time. Looks like a fab party though - I love the little potato heads costumes! :)

    And yes, themed parties do not happen enough. I'm very keen to hold some now I'm in the city.


    So I'm really overcome with envy that I wasn't there at this party! You guys look like such a freaking blast. That cake is amazing, and your SHIRT! I want it! And even the dogs are dressed up?? And that Vader mask with the voice altering thing, I TOTALLY HAVE THAT! Oh man. Oh man... I understand growing up with Star Wars, I remember the first time I saw it I was probably 5 or 6, and my friend Brenn asked her dad (who had rented it for us) if it was a lot like Star Trek. Geek for life. Anyway, high-five for the Star Wars love, and I can't quite express how awesome you are and how much I want to poke you irl.

  7. what a fun party. love your shirt!

  8. Wow, what a cake. Looks like some fun!

  9. So lucky to have friends like this. I love it!

  10. You are just adorable in this. You've got some great friends!

  11. I remember watching Star Wars when I was young. All I remember was a beautiful princess and :<

    I've never heard of Star War's Thanksgiving, sounds fun! I would make my own costume, it's just fun to do crafty work ; )

    Wishing you a gorgeous day,

  12. How fun. I love theme parties too. I want to have a sci-fi/fantasy theme party just so I can serve Ice Planets and Butter Beer. :P

  13. Sounds like great fun. And I love the shirt. I like shopping in unusual departments. I find stuff in Misses departments that really appeals to me; I guess I'm not mature enough for big girl clothes. :)

  14. That shirt is adorable!

    and its always fun to explore other deptartments and see what you can find.

    Looks like you had a fun party :)

  15. What a fun party. I'd love to go to something like that.

  16. What will be our next theme party? I've already dressed up from star trek and star wars... hmmmm. :) Maybe a Potter New Years?

    <3 Lauren

  17. Ah, that shirt is so incredibly cute on you, Sara! I know very little about Star Wars - I only saw a small part of one of the films.

    By the way, Mossimo Skinny Jeans are absolutely phenom!! :)

  18. super sweet an awesome party. you look super adorable. love all the stars wars stuff.

  19. oh man a star wars thanksgiving how freaking awesome! i really like your outfit! awww princess lei she's so pretty lol

  20. your shirt is really lovely !
    and the boots compliment everything very well too !

    have a great weekend !
    glisters and blisters

  21. I saw this over at Lauren's blog and loved the cake and all. Love your shirt so much!! I have a few Star wars shirts myself. Yey for addictions to great films. . .and having nerdisms for them.


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