Mushroom Buns & Wet Boots

9:34 AM

turkey day!! 003
turkey day!! 001
turkey day!! 004
turkey day!! 005

Woot! Turkey Day look! This post is going to be short & sweet because I have to get back to work (lame, I know). I am excited because I have felt really down over the weekend, and I was sick yesterday but this morning I found my Jimmy Eat World cd and that makes my day sooo much better. I played the hell out of that cd in high school, they sort of remind me of Ash a little bit. Anyway, on to better news, only a week left of school for me! I have 4 papers and one final exam and I am done until January 4th. I know come Saturday I will be back to panic state but for now I am listening to "bleed american" and all is right in the world.
turkey day!! 002
turkey day!! 007
turkey day!! 006

This dress is owned by Lauren and it was the perfect dress to layer up on such a drizzly day since it was ironically cold and humid all at once. Here are the other two ways that I have worn this dress & stay tuned via the Here to There facebook page to see where it ends up next! Thanks to Lauren for making this cool little mix of all the ways we have worn it so far :)


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19 Musings

  1. Oh man, I don't miss college. So stressful. But you'll make it! You'll kick its ass!

    So I'm really loving your bag, and those boots. Especially those boots. And the layery, colorful, almost gypsy look of this outfit. Super cool, Sara!

  2. You look great sweetie. I Love your hair. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. I like the collage of all of you wearing the skirt. You look cute all cozyed up in a scarf and cardigan. Love your hair like that too!

  4. So amazing you can dress this summer pattern right into winter. Great job. & even better than you found a wonder CD to help you through the week.

    Stay well!

  5. good luck on your papers!i just got my results and am off for the summer :)

  6. looking good! nice skirt the print is soo cool =] i took a long break from school because i suck at and HATE school with a passion haha but good luck to you Sara =]

  7. I love the way that you styled Lauren's dress! It looks great all layered up!

  8. Oh my gosh, I love how you paired all those floral prints together! I can never pull off that kind of print-layering, but you look so pretty!

  9. You're back! And cute as ever.

    Just yesterday I was thinking how cruel the world is to keep you away from us. Curse you, cruel world!

  10. Your outfit is beautifully put together - all the elements play up each other, I love it!

    So do you both own the dress or swap it?


  11. I love your skirts print, it's so pretty

  12. Your hair is super duper cute & I am madly in love with you purse.

  13. Even though they might not be as happening as they were 10 years ago, I love Jimmy Eat World. They are to me what Weezer is to you. :)One of the songs on Bleed American was the inspiration of my blog title. Guess which one. Last year I saw them play their 1st album Clarity in it's entirety> I hope they do that again next year with Bleed American.
    I'll stop blabbering about them and will also say I do love that dress. :)

  14. Photos 5 and 6 are just fab! Furthermore, the colors you put together are just wonderful! You've mixed them up really nicely. LOVE!!

    Have a pleasant day!

    Sheltering in a shell,

  15. Ooh, your Thanksgiving look is ADORBS, Sara - love love! And the mushroom bun is the cutest thing EVER!

    Yayay for almost being done with school for the semester!! :)

  16. I love how you styled that with a scarf

  17. girl, love your style. it's super cute !

  18. I love this outfit! I'm going to post it in my Modest Inspiration tumblr:


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