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So last Thursday at midnight as most of you know, was the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Well just the first part, but it was amazing! I felt like a teenage girl again and I squealed every time Ron came on the screen, and giggled uncontrollably at the scene where there are multiple Harry Potter’s near the beginning, and Bill Weasely!! Hottt!! Okay, I will not spoil the movie for others, plus most of you guys who share the Potter interest have already seen it. There were a few things that were left out that annoyed me, but that always happens I guess. The best part was that during the whole movie I had to lean over and tell Kyle who people were and explain a few things, he enjoyed it though, he does not get as excited as my friend Dan and I do, but he does like the movies. There were other people dressed up at the theater, I ran into a girl that had on a similar outfit as me and we shared a geeky moment, I love meeting people with Potter enthusiasm.

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After the movie was over, we went out to breakfast at National Coney Island in Royal Oak. My brother David tagged along for the movie and some food. It was funny because I was the only one dressed up and at the same time the club across the street, Luna, had let out and the Luna dancers are there on Thursday nights so the place was packed full of scantly clad women in sexy dance gear and the guys were drooling. It was mostly funny because I still had my cape and everything on at the time, but with everyone else’s get-ups, I did not feel out of place.

Now I mostly want to use my vacation week sitting on my butt reading the books all over again! But I also have my copy of David Sedaris “Holiday’s on Ice” sitting on my desk waiting to be cracked open in two weeks. I finished my 8 page Brit-lit essay over the weekend, then last night after class I finished my 5 page western religion paper, I have a 2 page follow-up one do tonight at midnight (it’s an online class) and what I really want is a nice cold PBR! I was thinking of going out on Wednesday but now I don’t want to spend the money, and Thursday we are going to Three Turkey Day dinners! I also have to work Friday, ugh. But I should be thankful that I am at a desk entering logs and mindlessly browsing the internet instead of declining people’s credit cards like I did at Best Buy four years ago. What are your Turkey day plans?

hp 005

Shorts & vest-F21
Tie-Borrowed from Kyle
Cape-Borrowed from little brother

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  1. You look so adorable, Sara! I have seen all the Harry Potter movies, except the most recent one, but have not gotten into the books much. I also need to check out Holidays on Ice. I've heard it's hilarious!

  2. You have no idea how much I'm loving this! You look so cute! There weren't too many people dressed up at the theater I was at, and the ones that were, my friend Oscar coined the name "Slutty Harrys" for them. haha
    Agh, Harry Potter was too amazing, but now I'm dying to see the next one!

  3. You look so freaking awesome!! I wish I'd dressed up for HP! Aaah you rule. I love it. And the movie was so effing amazing. I wish so hard we lived near each other, we'd have so much fun hanging out! <3

  4. Love your costume! I'm in the process of watching the first 6 Harry Potter films, but my DVD player is being difficult. So it's taking longer than I would like.
    The thought of you going to three Thanksgiving day dinners totally reminds me of Gilmore Girls!
    I have to work on Turkey day, the joys of retail. But at least there's time and a half and holiday pay involved. ;P

  5. cuttest outfit ever!!! you look adorable!!!!!!

  6. You look so adorable! Haha. What a wonderful costume! :D I LOVE the harry potter movies! I havnt seen the new one yet. :( I plan to soon though!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. So SPIFFY. Love the outfit. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll be off to see it with some friends. I really love the cape!

    Oh..well, I'm sure I'll eat..go to bed early for those Friday specials.

  8. This is so adorable. You should have won a prize!

  9. Awesome! What fun. I still have to see that movie.

  10. Heehee I love that you dressed up and you look so adorable! Your hair adds a certain something to the whole outfit too, I really like it. =]
    Glad you enjoyed the movie...although I never really got into Harry Potter, so I don't really understand all the hype. Maybe I'll try and get into it again one day!

  11. haha you in the cape next to all of the skanky dancers!? fantastic contrast Sara :)

  12. you look like zooey deschanel in yes man when she dresses as hermione!!!! I LOVE IT!! I went to see it alone at 9am on saturday so I could cry openly and often. which i did. especially during that horcrux scene because I was so revolted by the shiny golden...well...i wont spoil it for anyone. AHH POTTER MANIA! Am I a cradle robber for being in love with Ron Weasley, 17 year old wizard?

  13. You're much welcomed : )

    This really is like Harry Potter, nice job! I haven't watched this movie yet but I heard that it was more serious now.

    P.S I like your hair, it looks so golden! I'm thinking of dying my hair for fun : >

    Cycling in the clouds,

  14. awesome costume. can't wait to see this movie.

  15. hermione is so hot in her make out scene with harry <3


  16. Cute! I havent seen HP7 yet! I want to see it Friday!

  17. Gah! I love love the fact that you dressed up to see Harry Potter. You are cuteness!! :)

  18. You pulled this off perfect! Awesome outfit, ha-ha. You'd fit in juuuuuust fine at Hogwarts!

    I still haven't seen the new movie yet....I'm going December 3rd! Everyone I've talked to said it absolutely rocked, so I'm really, really excited.

  19. You look adorable!! I'm super impressed at how perfectly you pulled off the look :)

    I saw the movie the other night and thought it was quite good!

  20. I think its great you borrowed that cape from your little brother! We went on such a cold cold night to see this movie. I love my Rupert!

  21. Umm can I just say that you are adorable, and would totally fit in at Hogwarts? Because you would.
    I also tagged you in a post. You now have 7 secrets to share.

  22. ohhh you're so cute. Your hair is beautiful & the Hogwarts uniform is soooo good. I went to the premiere but, regrettebly, didn't dress up )': the movie was still amazing, though!!

  23. Hehee this is perfect ! :) Hope u enjoyed the movie, I haven't watched it yet

  24. LOVE your take on this look with the shorts and tights!! What a great idea.

    My husband and I saw the movie the other night, and I loved it! He's HUGE into HP...I'm ashamed to say I've only made it through books 1 through 4-1/2...but now I have them on audio and am starting all over with the first one since the movie renewed my fervor. Enjoying it even more the second time around!

    How ironic is it that the place you went afterward was called LUNA??!!


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