If Cross-Country Were Easy, They'd Call It Football

9:19 AM

Can you spot me in this team photo?

Such a tom-boy :P This photo seems so surreal to me, that day I ran a seven minute mile, and a little over two miles after that, I think in around 16 minutes. I joined Cross-Country late in the season my senior year of High School and to be truly honest, I didn’t even know we had Cross-Country team. I would have joined sooner! I loved this sport because it was unique to me, I was able to be independent and yet part of a team all at once. I had played Soccer and Basketball in the past, and I ran Track in junior high, but I kind of fell in love with running. I am really hoping to start up again, even if it is once a week. Of course I choose winter to start this, but I miss it. The best part is I love running alone. I am surrounded by people all day at work and at school, and doing homework isn’t exactly quality alone time, but running feels like I am able to recharge and just function better.

It is also amazing to know where all these people are now in life, these kids that I used to sit on a bus eating Luna bars with (the guys didn’t know any better) before an invitational. The Cross-Country team was definitely the dork team, as it was the dork sport. We didn’t have a ‘home’ running course at Ferndale High School, so we were always away. I spent a lot of time with these guys, four of these people are fighting in Iraq, two have moved to Canada, one moved to New York, one went to college in Alaska on a hockey scholarship, one lives in Detroit with his girlfriend and I run into him on occasion at the pool hall in Ferndale. I guess Facebook really does keep you up to date lol. So what sports did/are you guys playing?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about an activity being solo but also part of a team: riding a motorcycle in a group is like that.

    Growing up, I played baseball, soccer and wrestling.

    Love the pictures of you when young. Would enjoy seeing more.

  2. I've played basketball until I sprain my ankle & never went back because I thought the game had cursed me. haha

    I did ballet too (waaaaay back in the day). I wish I had stuck with that because I loved it.

    Now, I don't play anything. I'm a bum but the way people talk about running makes me want to give it a shot. I've always hated running only because as a kid it clashed with my asthma. :( Now, I think my lungs are a bit stronger. Or, I hope they are.

    OMG, Bill Weasley IS hot!
    Did you know that the guy who plays him is the guy who plays for Mad-Eye's son?!?!

  3. I was on my track and field team for two years in high school. I was a part of pole vaulting team but that was a bust because I could never go over the bar. I probably should have done sprints or the long jump. At least I would placed better than last.

  4. I think its the most underated sport that has the most life long benefits. Cool Cross country!

  5. haha I for sure spot you! so funny that cross country was the dork team, they were like heroes at my school!


  6. this is so cool. I am not athletic at all. Great that you did sports.

  7. Hey, thanks for the follow I really appreciate it!
    I rode horses competitively for most of my childhood-teenage years, but also did modern pentathalon (running, riding, swimming, shooting, and fencing). I also did about 5 years of Kung-Fu in my 20s. More recently I run, swim, play soccer, snowboard, and cross-county ski, oh and I love yoga. However, I definitely found more time to do these things once I was done school.

  8. I love running too, but I get tired easily :S I'm not really a sports person but I do exercise in my house, don't wish to be crippled when I get older do I? Haha.

    And thanks for following me, I shall return the favor too.

    Have a pleasant day!

    On a cloud,

  9. Cool, about cross country. I played basketball just because it was mandatory at our small school.

  10. I never played any sports in school - I was a skateboarder. True story. I used to skateboard everywhere; and if not skateboarding you could find me inline skating or BMX-ing. I was very into extreme sports! :)


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