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10:54 AM

Heyo! It's Lauren from Sparrow & Urchin as well as Sara's neighbor :) As many of you faithful She is Sara readers have noticed Sara has dropped off the face of the internet... Well I'm here to tell you I saw her in the library this weekend and she is ok! As you know the end of the semester is coming up and workload is piling up, so Sara is off getting her brain working and writing papers galore. And to show you how studious she is, here is a snapshot proving she is well, and studying up a storm. Funny thing is I was at the library all Saturday afternoon studying for a research paper, and I didn't realize Sara was there to until Kevin spotted her and dragged her to my table. Kyle picked Sara up later and they were kind enough to give me and Kevin a ride home, I didn't think about walking back with 7 big art history books! :)

Look at her all studious

So in honor of Sara slaving over her course work I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures of our fun and silly times together.


See I didn't meet Sara until this Spring although we have been living a block away from each other for way over a year. I started posting pictures on Weardrobe, then upgraded to a style blog where I started making more connections. I remember finding her and thinking sweet she's in the Detroit area... Then being more of a creeper I noticed her building in pictures, and wrote probably a staulkerish email saying... Hey do you live on so and so? Cause I live right beside you. Haha. Then Kevin, Kyle, Sara, and I took our dogs out for a walk to go get ice cream. It was the first time we met but we just clicked perfectly.


The best thing of the night? As we were walking back I heard the sound of horses, we all turned around and behind us were 13 people riding horses being trained for I guess mounted police... It was surreal, we all followed the group of horses until we had to split to get home. I think it was an omen on how awesome our friendship would be.

I'm so happy I have Sara in my life and so honored to have her in my wedding party, that's right I'm going to make her wear a hideous bridesmaid dress... haha!


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8 Musings

  1. i just LOVE those shorts you are wearing in the first picture!


  2. sara, good luck for your finals and papers!i just finished mine yesterday and will be off to gold coast in less than 2 hours!!!:)

    ps: hi lauren!

  3. Yeah, Sara! I'm so happy to hear (and see proof) that she's still alive. I was worried that she'd been abducted by aliens who were studying the human female's love of fashion.

  4. This is the sweetest post ever, Lauren! You and Sara are so cute and awesome and I am way jelly. Heart you guys!

  5. Love the library pictures. What a sweet friend. All the best on your studies.

  6. This was sweet. Love the pics.

  7. AHHHH! I'm so excited to see you and Sara in bridal photos! Woo!!! Awesome post. Keep studying Sara! Love you both tonnes x

  8. that is the best how we met story ever. I always thought you two knew each other prior to the blogosphere. What a great friendship to be formed from the internet!

    best of luck with papers Sara!


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