The Waiting Game

8:35 AM

I am waiting:

Cold 001

For my hair to grow out. For this semester to end. For the courage to write something.  For warm clean laundry. To be detained. For new resolutions. For my home. For fresh brewed coffee. For an accurate self-portrait.

Cold 006
Cold 008
Cold 007

In the meantime, say hello to my self-timer pics, brought to you by the makeshift tripod that is my car bumper & yours truly.  I guess I could have taken these a little earlier in the day and I think I might try to park so my bumper isn't always facing the dumpster. I still like Kyle's pictures better. 

Where the hell have I been? studying and writing papers non-stop. Work has been insane too. I am in dire need of a vacation but that is not going to happen, at least for this month. Who knows what December will bring. Hopefully snow! I am probably the only person living in Michigan that absolutely loves snow. I love Fall and Winter and I hate Summer. I love ice-skating in Detroit and I cannot wait to go this year, the rink might already be open.... I just have to make it through the second week of December and I can put this semester behind me. Then I will have four weeks to prep for a whole new one, a fresh start. It's kind of sad, but I really cannot wait until I can make my New Years resolutions. I think I can do more than just drag my butt through the rest of the year but I am tired of just cleaning up, I want a new start!

Cold 005

Dress-Ebony via Here to There

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26 Musings

  1. Does your shirt say "Give peach a chance?" That's awesome. Peaches rock :D

  2. amen to all of that, seriously. I'm in the same hell

  3. Giiirl- I've been an absent blogger as well, and for most of the same reasons. I can't wait to graduate.

  4. These photos are so pretty!!!!!

  5. Ha! I hate summer too!
    I'm waiting for the snow.
    We did get a hardly visible amount a couple days ago.

    Love your outfit, Sara. :)

  6. Waiting is the worst - seriously. On the bright side, looking cute while you wait is always a plus!! :P

  7. There are times when life is hard. It'll pass and you'll enjoy things again.

    I've always wanted to take pictures outdoors -- but I'd avoid posing in front of a dumpster! :) You are too funny.

  8. I so love the last picture of those boots. Great fall pics!

    Oh, I much just keeps piling up this month. How can you plan a turkey in all of that.

    I'm writing the Nanowrimo (National novel month..50,000 words by the end of the month. I'm at 23,000 and counting.)

    Stay healthy.

  9. This is so adorable. I hope it won't be that bad.

  10. So love the tree in the background. Hopefully, November will get better.

  11. All the best on getting everything in order this month. You look amazing!

  12. Lovely pictures and at least the dumpster isn't full. :P
    The waiting game is never fun. Things always get better after a slump.

  13. cool outfit and I love the tree behind you, oh autumn colours!

  14. Summer is awful, winter and autumn totally win for best seasons.

    And I'm playing the waiting game, too. I just want it to be the new year already. 2010 can just get out and stay out. Bring it, 2011!

  15. Aw, I love summer, but I like some winter activities, like ice skating. I just don't deal well with the coldness of it all!

    Your outfit is very unique, I like. ;)

  16. I like this look. This skirt is really cute and I love your shoes. They look really warm.
    The redesign of your blog looks amazing. I really like what you have done with it!

  17. You're waiting for your hair to grow out and I'm thinking of getting a trim on my ragged ends! Love the t-shirt and skirt with tights.

  18. man i love michigan cold so wonderful!

    very cute outfit i love that shirt

  19. You look super cute here and well done on taking your own photos!!

  20. That top looks so cute tied with that pretty floral dress!

  21. Awesome photos! Can I ask what kind of camera do you use? It;s just your photos are very good quality and I will soon be buying a new camera, so I was wondering. :)

  22. very very nice skirt!!
    :D have a nice day!

  23. hey girl, i hear you on being busy! your self timer shots are PERFECT. i remember when we first got our cameras and how they are practically the same. best tip anyone ever taught me, turn off the anti shake when you balance it on your car/use a tripod. i prefer the car method myself ;)
    you look adorable. and ice skating yay!! i cannot wait!!!!

  24. you have a wonderful blog yourself !
    i love your outfit posts !
    they're very unique :)


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