Sweet November

7:03 AM

memee 004

For all the stress the rest of this month is leaving me with, November is so far a decent weather month. It is cold, but the perfect kind of cold. When the sun is on you, you are warm. You can layer without looking like the stay-puff marshmallow man. I am having fun piling up blankets and pillows while I study, I favor my leopard snuggie over my hoodies, I like to be cozy. However, the brisk cool air makes me really enjoy long walks with Louie and I wish that my schedule would permit more of them because a long walk really is a good refresher for me. Oh and soup! I love warming up to yummy soup. 

memee 005

I think this sweater was made to be worn with this tunic no? It kind of reminds me of a blanket. I am also loving these new clogs from F21 (thanks for the birthday money Mom!!) I have gotten more and more used to heels thanks to this blog and the best kind are thick chunky ones. I will have to get a better pics of them next time as I took these pictures. I kind of like the back of the apartment as a backdrop, you get some industrial-yet homey aspect as well as a faint hint of nature....aka the back of a fugly building and some over-grown bushes. I also think I am going to have to suck it up and buy a flickr account this week. I seem to have better luck with flickr than photo bucket. Oh and please excuse the Oompa Loompa hair as I hacked my bangs too short the other week.

memee 002
memee 001

Tunic-Lauren via Here to There

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26 Musings

  1. So love the hair too! Great colors. We've had some snow already, but its not as bad as last year at this time.

    Hope the studies are going well. I'm hoping to finish up this "derrick" novel by the weekend. I hope.

  2. I just love this outfit. Really, good to hear from you. All the best on your classes!

  3. I adore this color on you. You so know how to make it work.

    Oh..as for my main character Mara...she is a bit like me, always mixed up with the wrong guy. I just saw my ex this weekend dressed up as a guard for Darth Vader. I had no idea he played in a role playing game with his Dad.

  4. It's so great to have you back, buddy.

    Looking at this outfit makes me sigh. You look so pretty. In a perfect world, I would be you -- but then, who would you be? :)

  5. You are so secksy. I wanted to publish this post so bad... hahah!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  6. Sara, you look so saucy in these! I dunno I kind of love the shorter bangs -- they show off your eyes. I just love how playful and bright, yet ~sexy~ this look is. I missed you too! Yay for new Sara post!

  7. You look exceptionally gorgeous! And what is this? No braces?? When did I miss this? X)
    And psh, hottest oompa loompa i've ever seen! But really, the short bangs work for you!
    I love this look, that sweater is so fun and goes so well with the tunic and those shoes look great on you! ♥

  8. Welcome back!!! :D
    I love this look on you & look! no braces! I almost didn't catch that!

    Oh & to answer your question, I always go to MJR on Van Dyke. I practically live there. haha. I've got midnight showing tickets. Is that what you've got?

  9. I love me some soup, also. Yay!

  10. You're packing some heat in these pictures, no? A little spice and a sizzle from our school girl Sara. LOVE the bad hair, it works for you....gives you indie cred, lol.

    Hope the rest of your month goes less stressful for you. For me too, while we're at it. Been a hell of a time. Scrambling to make a better life in a bowl of pudding.

    Keep yer head up, Sara. We root for you!

  11. Hey girl, I just wanted to let you know that your comment made me smile and totally made my day. Thanks for that, you are too sweet :]


  12. Awesome to have you back! You look in the first picture, as Tyra would say, fierce.
    I'm still playing catch up when it comes to HP. I didn't finish reading the books so now I have to watch the first 6 movies.

  13. you look great! i'm loving the new hair, very chic. did you get your braces off? you look so much older now. so pretty :)

    Beneath the Glass

  14. Ohmigosh Sara I just have to tell you that you seriously look like a Vargas Girl pin-up in these photographs. Your hair is utterly adorbs!! :)

  15. Lovely photos! :) You are lookin fab!

    And I haven't visited your blog (many blogs really) for a long time, so I don't know when this blog makeover occured, but I love the new layout and your new hair. :)

  16. You look really pretty in orange! I love these photos. I also am starting to prefer chunkier heels. They just make me feel more secure, lol.

    By the way, I took about a month of from the blogosphere, but now I am back, and am slowly getting around to spreading the word about my new blog. I hope you stop by, Sara!


  17. you look so beautiful here! Seriously!!! :D

  18. The first thing I noticed in these pictures was your smile - no braces! That is pretty awesome.

    I love love love the colors of this outfit, they remind me of a sunset! You just look so fabulous. :)

  19. Very nice colours! Sorry I haven't been by to visit for so long!

  20. I think your fringe looks really cute! and not too short at all :)

    love the outfit too - the colours are lovely.

  21. outstanding :)

    need your perspective on this -



  22. Cute outfit! I love love loooovvee all the colors of your shawl, it goes great with the bright orange top! You look so pretty.


  23. Let me preface this by saying you ALWAYS look great. But I think you look even prettier in these photos than ever!! I don't know if it's your hair, the colors of the clothes, or what - but you look so confident and self-assured, and you wear it well!!


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