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Why do I love October? All of the birthdays! Including mine :) yep, today I am another year older. I was going to make you guys take a guess at how old I am, but I have had my birth-date posted on my Google profile the entire time I have had this blog. I am 25 today! I have accepted it, I don't really feel old or anything right now. Plus, one of the girls in my American Lit class thought I was 19 so that always helps :P

It it also my friend Suzzie's birthday today! We are birthday twins! My plans for today? Get through the work day, meet with my professor for 20 minutes, finish up some homework and then hopefully watch a movie with Kyle. I feel bad, he took the night off so he could spend my birthday with me, but then I wind up having all this homework to do. We didn't get to really celebrate anyone's birthday this month, so when we all get together on the 30th, we will have to pick up a cake or something. My Mom is also going to make me dinner on Sunday! Can you get that I think the best kind of presents are edible ones?


I was at work when these pics were taken, I had to bug my boss to take them. I felt pretty sick yesterday, and you can tell by my facial expression. Adam likes playing around with the camera so I might take some pics at work more often,  it just gets a little awkward when all the trucks are coming in and out. One of these days I will have to take some pics of the rest of the building I work at, it's pretty interesting. One of my co-workers, Mark, is celebrating his birthday this week too, so we are going to get a pizza on Friday :D

It's also my blog's birthday this month, so happy birthday blog!

Song: "15" by Rilo Kiley

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20 Musings

  1. Hehe, happy bday again! I left you a comment on fb as well. Wish I'd gotten my butt into gear quicker. Going to get you a bday card tomorrow!
    How cool is it that your boss is willing to take your outfit photos? :) so cool! Hope you have a super awesome day! xoxox

  2. Aw, boo for feeling sick! I hope that you're all better soon!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I know your day is full of some not so fun stuff (work, school, homework) but I hope you and Kyle have a fun time watching a movie and that he gets you some yummy treats!!! Have a great day lady!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    I didn't know it was coming or I'd have baked you a cake! :)

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sara! You share a birthday with my mom - today she is another year older, as well!

    Here's to another fabulous year, my love!! :)

  5. Cool about your birthday! Hope its great. Love the pics!

  6. happy birthday sweetpea! :)

    hope you feel better soon too x

  7. happy happy birthday!

    interesting song choice haha

  8. Happy Birthday, Sara!
    Try to make the most of your special day. :D

    Wow. One of my friends has a birthday today too!

    Have an awesome day, Sara.

  10. Happy Birthday!!!! It will be filled with awesomeness. :D

  11. Happy Happy Birthday! Its my Dad's birthday today. Hope you have a fantastic time with your family and friends.

  12. Hope you are well enough for cake and ice cream. You don't look a day over 17!

    Have a great time.

  13. Ooooh happy birthday! ^______^
    And happy blogiversary when it arrives too! I'm having a giveaway on November 1st for my blogiversary so keep an eye out!

  14. Aww thank you dear ! :)
    Wohoo Happy Birthday to you ! Hope you had a lovely day!

  15. happy birthday, sara! i think you mentioned in another post that you were turning 25 this year, otherwise i would've never guessed you were a day over 20.

  16. Happy Birthday! Too bad you have homework to do. I hope it was a good day regardless.

  17. Happy birthday! <333
    Wow, October is BUSY for you, birthday-wise! You must've had so much birthday cake this month, I'm jealous!

  18. Happy Birthday Sara! I love love love your outfit, you look beautiful. dear! hope you had a great day!

  19. Happy birthday!
    Your outfit is so cute. That scarf adds such a nice touch to it. Hope you had a blast pretty!


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