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There is nothing like starting your day to your alarm NOT going off at all. I think this week is going to be the worst week as far as homework and essay's are..maybe. Actually, the rest of the semester is pretty much shot. I think that I might have some time to see friends on the 30th, but then it's back to being a hermit. To add to the stress, Kyle and I didn't get the house that we waited over five months for. There was too much wrong with it, furnace was over 30 years old, the company that made said furnace went out of business 20 years ago. The roof was leaking, all the way into the basement, which was not noticeable when we looked the first time, the garage was leaning slightly, the siding was not put on properly and was warped on one side of the get the picture. It's overwhelming to think that we have to start all over again. I am even more mad that I didn't notice these things the first time around, I know that there will be things that we will have to fix when we move in, but it can't be a new roof AND a furnace. I mean c'mon, my company banned raises two years ago, and Kyle works at Mc Donald’s where they think an extra 10 cents an hour every year is going to make the job worth it.

I think we have officially decided to be more open about houses at this point. I think that I wanted to move into a house in Royal Oak so bad because it just seemed so much cooler than Ferndale (where I grew up). Ferndale is only a mile away from Royal Oak, and it has changed in the five years that I have been away. Ferndale has a large Gay and Lesbian community, which, I will just come out and say it, I have no problem with at all. However, most of this community is pretty young, and most of the rest of the residents of Ferndale are pretty young, so there are not a whole lot of kids anymore. Most of the schools have been closed or turned into something else, a community center for example, so the city is no longer catered to families like it once was, it is catered to the 20-40 hipsters that don't have kids.....kind of sounds like Kyle and I right? The city has become more Green, more independently owned shops and bars, which, after living in a city that has three Starbucks in a two mile radius, the thought of doing homework in a little indie coffee shop where they don't kick you out after being there for six hours and only buying a coffee (ahem) is refreshing. It's funny that after looking all summer for a house in Royal Oak, I just want to get out of that city, and back into my hometown.

So I guess you can say that I am Miss Sara 'I go through a million emotions every hour' Astley, but I am trying for the most part, to stay positive. Every time I think of all the homework I have at home to finish, see the stack of paperwork on my desk at work, eat left over pizza because I have no time to cook anything, I just think "I can do this". I awoke this morning with a giant cold, but I am slowly checking things off my lists, so hopefully I can avoid this meltdown.

Top-Lauren via Here to There
Skirt-Ebony via Here to There
Tights & shoes-Payless
Necklace & belt -F21

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  1. I like the way you styled the skirt! I love today's blouse, what a cool little tie-like detail in the front.

    And ugh, I'm sorry you have so many stressful things going on at once -- work, school, house hunting. Adulthood blows, I've said it before and I'll say it again! But you seem to be handling it gracefully. <3

    Also, I finally have all my stupid crap done so I can get to work on your header! Hopefully I'll get that done this week!

  2. I'm sorry, Sara, you aren't getting the house. Turning away from it, however, is better than getting sucked into a financial-pit. I know people who bought a decaying house, fell into a money-pit, and regret making that purchase. At least you avoided that misery.

    You'll find the place for you. Try to clarify in your mind what you really value and want -- whether it's location, good schools, or hipster-bohemian culture -- and that might help the search.

    Good luck!

  3. You look great, adore that top!!!!

  4. I so love the shirt. Looking at houses, you have to think of the expense of taxes and redoing things, up much to consider.

  5. I hope you find a great house soon! I love love love my house and hopefully I can buy it once I save up the deposit! :) x

  6. That's such a cool shirt with the skirt. Very unique communities around you. Here, lots of young families and old people.

    All the best on finding the best house for you.

    I hope the week gets better with all the homework, too.

  7. Aw, I'm sorry about the whole house situation! I know that it feels like such a setback to start all over (Ravi and I have done that twice!) but hopefully you will find something amazing in your hometown!

    School is so stressful! It stinks that everything piles up all at once, but it seems that's the way it always is! Luckily, you only have a bit more to go before you can graduate, right?!

    I love your hair pulled to the side like that!! It's so super cute!!

  8. Boo to that house. :/ I know the feeling.

    But good for you for staying positive. That's what I do when things don't go as planned.

    Come to Oak Park. There's pretty nice houses here (a few for sale as well). It's a very diverse & sorta small city. & there's only one Starbucks (literally on the borderline haha).

    you've styled this skirt pretty nicely. :) I like all the different ways you did. I like how the shirt you're wearing in this post has a little flap on it. Like a tie. haha

  9. Aww, I'm sorry that things are sucking right now. :( Hang in there, it'll get easier soon! <3

  10. Great ways to style that skirt! It's such a gorgeous skirt too!
    I'm sorry for the house! i'm sure you will find a much better one soon! :) stay positive!

  11. First of all; that sucks about the house. But it obviously wasn't meant to be and better things will come together :) Promise. If not, just get an Aussie VISA and come and live here would ya? Exxy houses but the economy is rockin and you guys can just crash in our guest bed until you find an apartment ;) If only.

    Second of all; Go you with the positive attitude! I'm so proud of you Sara. Look at you guys... supporting yourselves, schooling and working. Seriously inspiring :) And anyway, you always have eachother and that's the main thing! Sorry to hear about the oncoming cold though. And pfft, your work BANNED raises? What is that?!

    And thirdly; you styled that skirt amazingly. So differently. With so many layers. It's making me crave cooler weather - the weather I will get in Perth!!! 6 weeks! But yes, I love how you wore it today especially. That blue top looks amazing on you with your complexion and new hair colour. Ok, so it isn't that new anymore but I'm still in love with it. So much so that I might think about going that colour next summer!

    I love you. Will send you off a little package this week with your stuff and maybe some extras :) Hehe. xxxx

  12. I think all these thoughts at once just confirm what we don't want- responsibility. I think documenting them digitally to your readers help, too. I know it got me thinking of stuff, too!

  13. I'm sorry about the house, but at least you didn't buy a money pit. And Ferndale sounds fun, sometimes the places you grew up in are a lot cooler when you look back later. I wish you the best of luck searching for a new house!

    You look adorable btw, I love the belt around the skirt. Hope that makes you feel better with the impending work and sickness.

    ps happy birthday!

  14. Ferndale sounds pretty awesome for you two! I'm sorry you didn't get the house, but its better to find out the major issues before you plunk down your savings into it and then find yourself without a roof (literally!).
    you are looking adorable as always, and just so you know I'm wishing and wishing things work out happily for you and kyle!

  15. I so love your top. It so cool. Hope your week will be smooth with all those essays.

  16. Wow, your outfit is awesome. Hope the week plays out better and you have a great Halloween.

  17. That's disappointing new about the house you and Kyle wanted to get. But you'll find a better house that less inclined to become a money pit.

    Yay for thinking positive. Sometimes it's so much easier to think negative things, but that just causes more stress.

    I also like the third way you styled the skirt. Has me thinking of other ways to style some of my printed skirts.

    Have a great weekend filled with only happy thoughts!


  18. I'm sorry about the house...I have been in that situation before, and I know how much it sucks. To echo everyone else, there IS a reason. There always, always is.

    On a weird note, did you happen to watch the movie on LMN last night called "The Secrets in the Walls"? It was a new scary movie, and it was based in Ferndale! Maybe don't buy THAT house. heehee


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