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Weekends are meant for relaxing right? Hrmmm...I must have missed that memo. Friday night consisted of me driving up to the school to camp out in OU center from 6pm to 12am working on an essay, and munching on a bagel. Oh and by the way, it is a ghost town at the school on Friday nights, who wants to hangout at a school on a Friday?? Either way, Saturday and Sunday consisted of more of the same, lots of studying and paper-writing. Saturday morning Kyle and I did look at houses again in Ferndale and found nothing. The ones that were in our price range were falling apart, and we didn't get to see half of the ones we wanted because they had accepted offers on them. Le sigh. We did however find an awesome one in Oak Park! Oak Park is right next to Ferndale, (about two miles from where I currently live in Royal Oak). The house is right next to a park that I played soccer in many times as a kid and it's right down the street from my friend Becky! We are putting an offer on it today, and I really hope that they accept it because A) This house is in the best condition over any of the other houses, and B) I am so tired of looking for a house. I guess I am more tired of being deceived by pictures of houses online, they look fine but when you get inside there is water damage or the roof is caving. Just not stuff we can afford to fix. I want to talk more about the house but I want to make sure we get it first, I am so excited!! I drove my Dad past it for approval and everything, lol, you know how parents are.

I have been wearing some form of this outfit a lot lately, T-shirt, comfy slacks and my jacket. These pants feel just as roomy as sweats but look a little more structured than sweats and added bonus. Pockets! A good outfit for just sitting around on my butt studying. Kyle and I also checked out the Hilton Road Cafe in Ferndale and had some yummy omelets, the place was so cute! There were little fake chickens everywhere, and the place only holds about 18 people. My brother works down the street from the place and said it was great so we finally went it, and yep, we will be back. Saturday night Kyle and I watched "The Shinning" and I forgot how creepy it can be, but I love it. I will take movies like "The Shinning" and "Rosemary's Baby" over the slasher flicks any day.

Kyle and I might have had a lot of fun with the leaves Saturday.... Louie was inside barking at us like we were crazy. One thing I never will grow out of, jumping around in leaves. We actually did this before we left for lunch and my car has bits of leaves in it now :P

Anyway, this week looks a little less stressful, I do have to catch up on everything else, reading, cleaning, buying some food for the fridge...and hopefully we will have an accepted offer too :)


Jacket, pants & shoes-Thrifted

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  1. AWESOME about the house. Fingers are crossed.

    I watched 'The Others' a couple of days ago. It's also a type of psychological horror which I, too, prefer. Really good movie.

    Ah. Jumping in leaves. So fun. Last year, it was Davey's first fall & he'd dive into the pile of leaves before any of us could. :D

  2. Good luck with the house! That would be fantastic if it worked out!
    Spending your weekends with school work can be such a drag, but at least it's done for now. I always opt for an outfit with leggings for comfort, but those slacks are great!
    I haven't gotten to watch any scary movies yet! The Shining is great, though I loved the book so much more. It freaked me out for days.

  3. gooooood luck! I have my fingers crossed for you! x

  4. Cool new header! Great about the house. Wishing you lots of positive thoughts there. Love the leaf scene too.

    Hope you have a good week.

  5. wow! what fun in the leaves. so many things are changing for you guys. I hope the essays got well. LOVE THE NEW HEADER!

  6. What a great autumn post! Those are cool pants. Still isn't that cold here. I'm ready for warmer clothes though.

  7. All the best with the house! Sweet leaves!


    your slacks are such classy studyware!

    why did you mention omlettes in this post!? I just realized I haven't had one in a month. They aren't the menus over here gah

  9. Good luck with the house!
    I love your slacks!!

  10. That would be so great if you guys got the house in Oak Park! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! By the way I love your new header!

  11. Such pretty leaves. Just like here. I hope it works out with the house. Love this autumn outfit.

  12. Love those pants! When it gets hot there send em my way would ya? :p Oh man, I want a big pile of leaves. Perth will have big piles of leaves in Autumn! WOO HOO!

    And I love your new header. Meg has an amazing style of drawing - makes me wanna learn. :p

  13. Good luck with the house!

    One of the things I don't like about living in So. Cal is the lack of fall foliage. I'll just have to live vicariously through other bloggers fall pictures.

    I love the new header. It's too cute!


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