Yikes! Stripes!

10:03 AM

Ignore the fact that this second pic looks like I am taking my clothes off. This is as simple as it gets with me. Sundress, flats, vest. It was so cool and nice Saturday night, but Sunday morning I awoke back to the muggy hell that is the mitten right now. I have been so busy this week! I cannot believe that it is summer, and I am supposed to have MORE time and instead I can barely find anytime at all. It ;s okay though. I like to be busy. I have a lot to tackle at work this week, trying to stay caught up. I have also decided that I am going to start doing my workouts in the morning. I had plans Friday night (I had to help another neighbor with boxes before we all started hanging out) and I knew I would not have time so I got up at 5am  and did my workout. I felt awesome all day and I still took Louie for a walk later that night.

I am bummed because last week's workout left me sweaty, and very, very sore so I thought my weigh-in was going to be good. Instead, I gained two pounds! I told everyone that it wasn't fat, it was muscle and then did a few Hulk poses. My current workout calls for exercise every other day. I do seem to really work off a lot, but on the off days I feel really tired and lazy so I am going to try for an hour of cardio on those days. Even if it just walking or a bike ride, something to keep me motivated.

I think all of the Gilmore Girls I watch is catching up to me. I think Kyle will kill me if he finds another list and I am already geeked about school. I have all my classes for Fall and Winter picked out and I just got news that one of the classes I picked for Winter 2011 had to be dropped because they were no longer offering it at that time, but instead I got to sign up for an online class! So that means in the Winter, the least motivational time for me, I only have to drive to Rochester twice in one week instead of two. Booya! 

My parents were over last night for pizza, and here is a pic of my mom's pup Pepper! She is Louie' sister and look at those giant ears! She is part rabbit I swear.

This picture of my little brother Liam cracks me up. He stole Kyle's golf clubs and had a blast in the park.

This is my brother David trying to fix my stereo in my apartment. He stayed over later to watch a movie with us after my parents left. He is going to be a Senior in high school this fall! It is insane! After he graduates next Summer, he is joining the Marines. He actually just got sworn in last weekend. I am nervous and excited for him.

Well now I have to tackle this week and I am hoping to post more this week, I kind of slacked in July. August is my favorite summer month, lots of stuff coming up and I cannot wait to experience it all and share it with you!


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  1. love your outfit, classic cool!

    wow you're really motivated with your workouts. I always seem to bum out in the summer and only get active when back at school (come to think of it, this is true of everything I do or don't do in the summer). Sometimes I get mad at myself for not being more productive, but I think I probably need these three months to just lounge around. I wonder what would really happen if I had summers as busy as my school year? hmm

  2. Haha! I always say the same thing - summer's are supposed to be carefree and lazy but I always feel like I'm busier than ever! Yayay for August. It's one of my favorite months, as well, for it makes me think of fall - and boots!! :P

  3. What adorable brothers!

    Oh, like you said, just think MUSCLE!

    Sweet photos.

  4. Your dress is so adorable! And so is pepper! I love her giant ears! Haha, I love that Gilmore Girls can rub off on us so easily! It's so good though, and making lists really is satisfying!!

  5. Love pepper he is cute--love his ears! It so cool that one of your courses is online --i hate traveling to school in the winter for school it's so cold in Canada!

  6. Oh my..brothers...wow! Pepper is really cool too. All the best to a wonderful August!

  7. Your dress is really cute...and I like the way you wore it, with the denim vest.

  8. lovely:)


  9. Love that dress and denim vest. Great outfit.:)sarahD

  10. i think i need to go buy denim jacket or vestt!! i just love the dress pair up withh denim vest!!


  11. Oh, yes...August. Hope you get in lots of swims and some fun times with friends and family. Such adorable brothers.

  12. July IS for slackers! I feel like I was really bad last month too. Maybe it was the heat, but I'm back with a vengeance and a hundred and one new ideas. I have to email you those questions, I've been busy as heck outside work and at work.
    Also, Id like to say you look wonderfully summery. I'm jealous that you have a class schedule. Are you taking anything good?
    PS-In my downtime I am currently catching up on your blog and totally excited to read "the greatest drunk story ever."
    tah-tah for now! <3

  13. lovely dress, pepper is so cute and same as your brother! lol so you're all gilmored out now? good luck with the online class, I did it once and I'll never do it again cuz I'm so lazy and need someone to physically push me to do the assignments LOL

  14. I think it's so cute that you popped the collar on your jean jacket haha! I have been looking for one like that for ages..and I feel crummy when I don't exercise too!

  15. Aw sorry about the 2lb, but I totally agree that it's just muscle. =]
    Looooving your dress as well. The neckline and the print are just perfect!
    And I didn't even think that you were undressing in the second photo...until you said. Haha!

  16. I love that vest, it's so awesome. Been looking for one like it but I can' find one anywhere.

    In regards to our workouts, you should try to stick to one because it'll prove more effective in the long run. Changing them all the time messes with how your body is working, so it's not really effective. Plus, it helps to monitor the food you eat as well. I noticed that you mentioned you were drinking or something, well if you give up drinking you'll notice a big difference. Plus eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Helps a bunch!

    Oh and running up and down stairs is a really great workout that is super simple to do and fun. And dancing. Fun and easy to stick too. In the mornings dance for 30 min.

  17. I love the title of the post. Cute dress

  18. You look adorable. I love the sundress. And yay! I prefer working out in the morning as well, though I prefer swim practice in the afternoons (weird). I'm kind of curious what exercise routine you're following? Or is it kind of a combination of things (which is basically what I do, ha)?

  19. Love the outfit, especially the vest! :D

    And fantastic choice of a soundtrack. That's one of my all-time favorite Beatles songs! It's definitely in my top five!

  20. You look adorable in this outfit, I've said it before but I love the dress.

    Oh I was so going to send the maroon cowl as one of my items but then remembered it was summer there and that would be pointless. Damn.

    And no sorry, no sign of the skirt yet. I told my ex-housemate to text me whenever I get some mail. I'm sure it will turn up, don't worry.

  21. hi sara

    i really wish to visit you home and want to see good people
    its really great post

    your brother looks cute


  22. the fact you do any exercise at all is a mean feat! :) I planned on doing 20 mins a day, every day and it lasted one day....for 16 mins..... x


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