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8:40 AM

I thought I'd share some pics from Saturday since we had so much fun. I really love my SLR but since it is so huge and one of the few very nice things I own, I am always scared I am going to drop it or leave it somewhere and It will get stolen. How lame! Thankfully Kyle remembered the camera this time and I did manage a few pics so here goes the recap! I did start the day with a jog, but I really doubt that you would want to see that, and I didn't get a picture of that. However, I did mention that I babysat Tripp over the weekend and after I got back from my jog, Kyle and I took Louie and Tripp out for a walk.

We stumbled upon a church rummage sale on Lincoln, not too far from the apartment and we stopped to check it out. I got a pair of boots and a red short-sleeved plaid top for only $3! Then the pups started barking and scared all of the old people away so we had to leave.

After the pups got a good walk in, and were fed, Kyle and I decided to head down to Eastern Market in Detroit to bum around. I love Eastern Market, it is a huge open market and they sell flowers and food outside and in three different sheds. There are also a few really cool stores and restaurants down there. My favorite is Rocky's, it is like a huge grocery store but they have any candy you can think of in the middle of the store. In the Summer, there is also a restaurant that opens up like five huge grills outside and there is karaoke and tables, and everyone has a blast.

I wanted the chair and the travel record player but they cost money lol. I could have spent hours in the stores. We finally got hungry and decided to check out Butcher's Inn, one of the older bars in Detroit. It is also home of the 40oz PBR, and knowing how much I love my cheap beer, Kyle asked if they had it on draft, they did not. He thought that they must be out so could we please just have two bottles? The waitress comes back with two 40oz bottles, in paper sacks. Needless to say we split one and took the other home.

After the food we went home to walk the pups again and then I got ready to go out with the girls. We decided to stay local so we could walk home but we wanted a ride downtown (we all wore heels) and so the guys said they would take us when they got back from the party store. That is when I got bored and made them take outfit pics (I do it to Jamie when she is by me too lol) then we just got crazy with the camera.

We had a pretty fun night bar hoping around Royal Oak. I think this weekend will be a little more quiet. I need to get a lot of things together this week and the next few before school starts. Both Kyle's car and Beans need to be cleaned out and need tune-ups before the end of the month. Kyle still has to register for classes and the stupid OU website keeps crashing on him (poor Kyle) there are books and supplies to get and I also have some side projects going on. C'est la vie? :P

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16 Musings

  1. That chair is amazing. I definitely wanna find something like that and re-upholster (is that the word) it next year. It looks so comfyyy!
    Love your photos with your friends. They are gorgeous! I want to go bar hopping with you all dammit! :D

    Still in love with that outfit - do I get to borrow this skirt? HAHAHA. How cool is it that I can say that?
    Love you Sara xxx

  2. The chair and the record player are spectacular! I want them! Sounds like a fun weekend. Your friends are adorable.

  3. Thank you sooo much, my dear. I'm absolutely in love with these pictures!

  4. I love that chair too! Looks like a great day out..for all of you..and oh what a big bottle of beer!

  5. First, that tin girl thing? Ohmigosh does she not remind you of Alice from "The Jetsons"? I swear, that is Alice reincarnated!

    Second, gah! Puppies! I am in love with dogs, so please don't be surprised with this reaction! I'm so glad you all had a fabulous time, my love - you look phenom in your black pumps!! :)

  6. Wow-o-rama that chair is beeeeeautiful! And the funny woman thing above it has a certain charm to it too. Hahaha.

  7. I need to get myself to Eastern Market. You'd think because I work so close I'd be there all the time! But that is so not true :( Sad.

    Your blog reminds me of all the awesome places in Detroit I should be going to!!


  8. I am loving that chair.xx

  9. Love this! It looks like you've had so much fun!
    And can't wait to hear about the side projects!!

  10. Your friends are adorable.

  11. Looks like an excellent Saturday!!! I want that travel record player too.

  12. Just discovered your blog. I love it! you and your friends are adorable! Looks like you guys had fun. =)

  13. Great pictures. Love that chair.:)SarahD

  14. Looks like you had such a good time, i so love your blog!

  15. Beautiful blog!
    I loved : )

    /Fashion Bowie


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