The Man Who Murdered Love

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So it has gotten to the point where I feel the need to express my love for hot famous guys on the blog. I have already mentioned Rivers and Robert in previous posts, but I have included pics of them just for good measure. I don't have an official order for these guys, I still cannot pick my number one at this point! (So I am a little celeb guy crazy). Any-who, here goes the yummy post: :P

Rivers Cuomo-Lead singer of Weezer, also put out a few solo albums. Adorable.

Robert Schwartzman-Lead singer of Rooney, some acting. VERY nice and sweet (I almost melted when I met him.)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Actor. I love him no matter what he looks like, hair long or short, shirt on or off ;) Ever since the '3rd rock from the sun' days.
Zach Braff-Actor. What will I do without Scrubs? :(

Jimmy (James) Stewart-Actor. An oldie but a goodie, something about that funny accent does it.

Scott Patterson-Actor. I know most girls would pick a younger member of the cast of Gilmore Girls to drool over but baseball cap? Flannel?? Give beefcake here a chance!

David Duchovny-Actor. Speaking of older gents, Agent Mulder was always a hottie.

Seth Green-Actor. I could have honestly put the entire male cast of Buffy on here but Seth takes the cake (sorry Spike).

Michael Cera-Actor. It is rare that I find someone younger than me attractive, but at 22 and that awkward smile? I can make an exception.

Jason Schwartzman-Lead singer of Coconut Records, Actor.
If you are going to put one Schwartzman on the list, you have to put the other.

Mos Def-Rapper/Singer, Actor. It might be the sideburns, but have you seen "Be kind, rewind?"

Colin Firth-Actor. Just, omg.

Justin Long-Actor. I still get excited over the Mac & PC commercials.

Jack Black-Lead singer of Tenacious D, Actor. Who doesn't love a guy with a sense of humor?

Steve Coogan-Actor. Again with the funny.

Jay Baruchel-Actor. I love everything I have seen him in so far. And he has cool hair.

James McAvoy-Actor. He has it all, the puppy eyes, the accent, CUTE.

Masi Oka-Actor. I loooved Heros, but his character was my favorite.

Ringo Starr-Singer. Traditionally, he was not the sexiest Beatle, but I adore Ringo.

Eric Violette-Actor. Yes, the guy.

Ben Gibbard-Lead Singer for Death Cab for Cutie & The Postal Service. I adore his voice. And that hat.

M. (Matt) Ward-Musician. His voice alone makes me melt.

Alright guys, that is the list (for now, muwahahaha) I think I had way too much fun with this post. Whaddya think? Yes or no?  :D

Song "The man who murdered love" by XTC

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  1. Rivers, JGL, David Duchovny, Michael Cera, Jay Baruchel, James McAvoy, Ben Gibbard all big fat yesses from me.

    Mmmmm look at Ben's lovely little mouth. And that stubbly chin.

    I'm seriously digging Jon Hamm from Mad Men at the moment. Dear lord the combination of those massive shoulders, giant hands and beautiful, beautiful face makes it so hard to follow the story line.
    I'm like...sorry, did you say something?

  2. Looovee thiss :)
    We definitely have similar tastes here. I recently seriously crushed on Jay Baruchel after just watching She's Out of my League. Maybe it's the voice, but he's so cute!

  3. Mmhmm I always thought Robert Schwartzman was cute since I saw him in Princess Diaries, Joseph Gordan-Levitt & Michael Cera- YES!, James McAvoy and Colin Firth- TRIPLE YES!!!

    My additions? Cho Kyuhyun-singer in Super Junior (you'd love him, he's a super dork!), Leonardo DiCaprio (ever since Growing Pain days, I've been attached), Arron Yan, singer, of Farenheit, Minho, singer, of SHINee, Nichkun, rapper, of 2PM, Ashton Kutcher (mega dork!), anddd I just realized I basically gave a list of pretty boys... haha

  4. Oh man, we have super similar taste in men! I LOOOVE James McAvoy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Cera, and like... most of these dudes. Love! If I had add any, I'd probably add David Tennant and Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame, Matthew MacFadyen (I likely spelled that wrong), Roberty Downey Jr. (my future husband), Zachary Quinto, Jude Law, and Cillian Murphy. To name a few. ;)

  5. Yeps, I love me some Michael Cera and Joseph Gordan-Levvit...
    James McAvoy (never seen him until now) sort of looks like Edward Norton. I'ma make my own list on my blog now. Mmm, yummy boys.

  6. I love them all! But don't forget Ben Barnes. A mighty fine list.

  7. Hahaha I love your list :) I have like a million celebs I love, but only like three or four major crushes, to the point where it's a little bit of an obsession :P But YAY COLIN FIRTH!!! And actually Ringo was my favorite Beatles too.

  8. hi ssara how are u today

    yes this post is very nice

    you always post good stuff sara
    i like them all

  9. Hot guys, I like!! Joesph-Gordon Levitt.:)SarahD

  10. Love the title of the post. Great list too.

  11. Mmm...nice picks! I am so in love with James McAvoy. He is so sexy. Jason Schwartzman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt too!

  12. I like your taste in 'hot guys'...

  13. Haha! So much to love! These guys are so great in their own, unique way. ;)

  14. Ummm...seriously Sara, I think we have identical taste in guys. Robert, Jay, Justin, Jason,, love, love! But I'm still marrying Robert - seriously. :P

  15. Good choices. The common thread seems to be quirky individuality. I agree with you -- unconventional guys are more interesting and appealing than standard-fare.

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  17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is awesome! haha I used to like him in his 3d rock days, and when he played the dorky kid in 10 things i hate about you. lol i thought the last pic is matt nathanson who is also a musician, but matt ward is great too!! sighhhh

  18. Ahh this list is too hot to handle! I love Michael Cera for his charming awkwardness, want to marry Jason Schwartzmann if he wasn't already married, have always had a fondness for James McAvoy and his intriguing film choices, and you're right, Jay Bruchanel has done some great films!

    Kyle almost looks like Zach Braff too!

  19. God!!!!!!!!!!! I love half the people who are featured here! The weird thing is that they are not that cut, but that's why I love so much about them! :)! super awesome post

  20. joseph, cera, Baruchel. nomnomnom.
    i think cera is like my perfect guy haha, cute, awkward, funny and a little nerdy!
    ohhh no james dean on your list!


  21. So basically we have all the same taste in hot celeb males. Jimmy Stewart is my dream man. Have you ever read anything about him? He was supposedly a really wonderful man aside from acting.

  22. *sigh* i love micheal cera too! But at 23 I think I'm allowed :)

    And Seth Green will forever be one of my favourite gingers :) x

  23. I love your picks-very similar! Love how you like not the big hunks of hollywood that are so over-rated. These guys are amazing at what they do and seem like amazing people too!At the moment really loving jason segel from how i met your mother!


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