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Today was one of those days where I awoke and thought it was 10am and it was actually 2pm. So far today I have manged to take Louie for a walk and that is it, thank god for coffee lol. This weekend has been full of ups and downs. I have more projects coming up for this blog though, I thought since I am trying my hardest to be as Green as possible, I thought I would do a post every once in awhile on being more Green, just some tips and ideas that  have that I can pass along to you guys to try out.

1) Plastic bags. I always try to get paper bags at the store because they are so easy to recycle, I just throw my old news papers in them and when they get full I place them in the bin. There are also the reusable bags that you can pick up almost anywhere now, most stores by me even offer a discount if you bring in your own bag, usually about 5-10 cents, but it adds up. When I do end up with plastic bags, I find use for them. I will use them as a lunch bag for work, as a trash liner for my little garbage cans, and also, they are great for taking with you on walks with dogs, because where I live, you have to pick up dog poop. I save all the bags my news papers come in, and also the bags that my bagels and bread come in for this. I also used to use plastic bags as shower caps before I finally got one. There are plenty of ways to use that bag a little more before it ends up in the garbage. 

2) Paper towels. I try hard not to buy this stuff, but there are so many reasons that I end up buying a roll here and there eventually. So what I do is try to reuse them as much as possible.  It sounds strange, but it is easy to do, typically I will have one that I use as a napkin for when I am eating. I will use one side to wipe my mouth or hands, then flip it or fold it over and use the other side to clean up a mess. Same for when I use them to wipe windows, I will fold them over and over to wipe up that windex before finally tossing it away. 

3) Dog toys. Have a pair of old or unmatched socks? Create a dog toy with them. Simply ball up one sock, place it in the other making sure that it goes all the way down to the toe part, and then tie up the longer part of the sock to create a knot. Dogs love to bite the thicker part of the toy and play tug-of-war with you as you pull on the longer part of the sock. Also, the cardboard roll that is used on toilet paper or paper towel rolls are great for dogs to bat around and chew up. Just know that you are gong to have to clean up all the bits if your dog chews it. 

Sorry these are so shady guys, but I was excited to take some pics in Downtown Detroit! It is cool that I have such a big city right by me. I will have to take some pics around Corktown, Greektown, and by the river walk before the end of summer. It usually isn't this dead on a Saturday, but the little park  right by here, Campus Marcius was packed with people shooting a movie. They all wound up in the bar we went to for lunch and a ton of people had cannon slr's and I wanted to sneak into their group with mine and see if I could get away with it. :P

 Look I have eyes and not black little sockets lol. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am off to my parents for some BBQ! :)

Top,Skirt & belt-F21
Socks & Hat-Target 

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  1. That is such a beautiful shirt! Its so hard going green..when you feel like you are cluttering your life in the process. So hard for me to stay organized. Those are some great ideas...especially, the dog toys. I do try to thrift as much as possible. Recycle clothes, too..

    Thanks so much for your comment. I'm glad you like the character Smed..& well, I guess you can tell..I do too.

  2. Ah, I love you in that last picture, Sara - you are adorable! And that hat is gorg!

    I totally hear you on the plastic bag front. Have a fabulous time at the BBQ!! :)

  3. I think this outfit is adorable, first of all.

    Second of all, thanks for posting the stuff that you're doing to go green. I envy being able to reuse paper towels. Most of the times I'm cleaning up cat puke or hairballs with paper towels so reuse is not an option! I think I might be a little better with reusable cloths (for other stuff) if I had a clothes washer/dryer closer than 2 blocks away. (Although I'll cart my compost once every 2 weeks to a community garden.) I do use cloth napkins 70% of the time though.

    I love the dog toy thing. I usually buy cardboard scratchers for my cats so when they're done, they're recylable, unlike the wood/carpet versions.

    WORD on the plastic bags. I usually carry 1-2 Chicosbags around with me and usually try to avoid bags at all costs. My next step is remembering to bring those cotton produce bags when I'm food shopping!

    I've gotten pretty good at remembering my mug, even when I'm going to get coffee out. That's another huge waste of plastic in my life.

  4. good tips! DC is obsessed with reusable bags lately. If you don't have one and therefore need a paper bag they charge you 5cents, of course 5cents goes to a river clean up project, but if you do have a reusable bag they discount you 5 cents! I also like the sock dog toy idea, Gatsby just chewed through his favorite toy!

    love the outfit: florals, panama hats, and knee socks, rockin' awesome!

  5. just caught up on your old posts:

    - your mom is so stylish!
    - love the guy style file on Adam, he's cute stylish and cute haha

  6. Love the green tips. I'm a very green person too! I work in a supermarket here and we are actually not allowed to give away plastic bags anymore, its been banned here, people have to bring in their own or buy one.

    Loving the spots.

  7. I'm loving your polka on polka look!! Did you have me in mind when you made this outfit? Okay probably not, but polka dots are the way to my heart, so I feel like maybe you did ;)
    Thanks for all the green tips! A couple more I have to add:
    *Instead of throwing away a dryer sheet immediately, use it to dust your shelves. It is perfect for picking up dust.
    *Save your dryer lint for when you need to start a camp fire. It is very flammable and you won't have to use starter fluid.

  8. Love the two polka dots style! Very cute! And I always appreciate tips! We reuse our plastic bags so much - for garbage bags, for lunch bags, for kitty litter!

  9. These are just wonderful shots! So fun! and love what you can do with polka-dots. There was a time I collected balls of plastics bags(make them into strings..and then crochet a really nice bag to carry stuff in..lots of work.

    Thank you so much for the sweet note. I dunno what got into me to put these 2 together. When I first started writing about Roger, he was the obnoxious one that Ellie couldn't stand who used to live on her street..who he thought of him self as the ladies man..but was more of an 'act'...and I had written about him hooking up with Cory..who then broke up with him. These characters are a bit like people I went to school with..and well, its just a way of remembering perhaps the best parts of them..I seem to think.

  10. Too cute of an outfit!

    The mix of the polka dots and the knee socks is adorable! I love the pops of red you have added too :)

  11. You're so cute here Sara! I love the mix of polka dots, and the socks with those shoes are cute! Great Green advice, it's always nice to learn more about helping the environment. Actually in my city, most major stores aren't allowed to use plastic bags, only the independent ones.

  12. I love your polka dot skirt!! I used to have one like that, but I'm afraid I may have lost it in the move . . .

    Great green tips! I did a similar post for Earth Day, but I'd love to read your tips on a more regular basis!

  13. hi sara , here rains started,
    we are enjoy it ,
    hey your dots skirt looks awesome ,
    you looks great today
    my weekend was boring

    hope you enjoyed your day
    take care have great monday

  14. Those tips are great! I try to be Green a lot, but some things are hard to keep up with.

    I like the idea of the dog toys. Gonna have to try it one of these days.

    I like your skirt with the red flats. Reaally cute!

  15. omg. your skirt. i want!!!

  16. That's a wonderful outfit. I really love your skirt, dear! :-*

  17. I don't use much paper towels either, I think it's such a waste when people use paper towels to dry their hands everytime they wash it at home! But different strokes for different folkes I suppose :)

  18. I never get plastic bags ever. And if I'm with someone who's being given a plasitc bag, I'll be like, do you need one? And more often than not they say, ah no you're right I don't.
    What bugs me is when I see women doing their shopping and they have one of the reusable hessian bags just for show, and everything they buy, they get it in a plastic bag! So they have about 5 bags in that reusable one. I'm like...I think you've missed the point there. ¬_¬
    Anyway, rant over...And I love your hat! Would you kindly avert your gaze so I can snag it please? Thank yoooou. =]


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