Working For The Weekend

12:07 PM

Hello my dears!  This weekend was a little crazy, but the whole week was full of events so I guess it is only fitting. Friday night I got to go to the Magic Stick and the Majestic Cafe in Detroit to cover a few bands for the Motor City Blog. I got to see The Like and two other bands, which was awesome because  I really liked them and had a great time. I have not done the post on the MCB yet, but I will post a link when I do so you guys can check it out.  I got in bed around 1:30am, then had to be to work at 7am, yes work. On a Saturday. My dad was working too so he picked me up and we headed in. I lucked out and only had to work a half day and Kyle picked me up at noon. We then met up with his brother Brian and gf Beth for lunch and a pint at Grand Trunk/Foran's in Detroit.

 I was tired as hell so I took a nap while Kyle went to play some golf (most boring sport ever). A few hours later I awoke and we went over to Brian's to have a small gathering because some friends from out of town were visiting. It was great catching up with everyone, I took pictures, but I have those friends that hide from the camera so I am apparently not allowed to post them. We also brought Louie over to the apartment to hangout, it was really cool he was pretty well-behaved all night. I love being able to take him places because I feel so bad leaving him at home.

Sunday I woke up late. I got to my parents house for some BBQ, and it was yummy! After we ate our weight in BBQ, I suggested we tale all the dogs for a walk. Mariah took a pic of all the dogs, but it's a little blurry since they were so excited for the walk. We bummed around Ferndale and it was great to see how much the city has changed. There are some good area's and some bad. But for the most part, Ferndale has become a hipster hangout in MI. It is a very diverse little city and I think Kyle might be looking up houses in Ferndale for us to look at.

(Pepper, Louie, Chloe, and Millie)

This romper was given to me by the lovely Lauren. I really like it and I couldn't help but do the bandanna tie in the hair for the day. After I threw on the jean-jacket, Kyle said I looked like I was from Grease or something.  :P I hope that everyone had a great weekend! 

Jacket & shoes-Thirfted via That Girl 
Scarf-Dollar store 

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24 Musings

  1. aww group dog walks, sounds fun!

    love your romper!

  2. Naps and barbecues, the best things in life!

  3. You are so cute! love the bow! and yay for naps!

  4. Dude this weekend was all about sleep for me as well. Glad you are getting use out of that romper! And now I have that song in my head. :)

  5. sweet seeing Louie meet friends..I'm glad you got some rest. Love what you did with your hair. So awesome outfit, too. Hope you are having a good Monday.

  6. I'm glad you didn't have to sleep through it on the golf course. Sounds like a sweet weekend..and you rocked it in that sweet outfit, too. Great to hear Louie got to see friends too.

  7. Beautiful Outfit. I love the print and the Photos :)

  8. You're weekend was so busy! Its good to have lots of things to do, good friends to hang out with, and family time to eat yummy food with! All the dogs look so cute! Lots of pups on a walk=major cuteness!

  9. Sara, I think this is one of my favorite looks of yours that you've posted so far! I am so in love with your romper and how you styled it with the pink bow! So lovely!

  10. What a cute get-up! And your pink scarf thing reminds me so much of Marc Jacobs' ads.

    Saw the blogger meet-up photos. I'm absolutely, positively jealous! :(

  11. I love your romper!! :D And I agree, the bandana bow does look very Grease-ish, in a very good way!

  12. You are really rock'n that romper!

  13. This outfit is WAY too ADORABLE!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend! BBQ is the best hands down:)

  14. You might want to put a lock and chain on not only that jean jacket, but the fiance who can get me free mackers fries.

    glad you finally made the jaunt over.. which lead me to your blog for the first time, so I think we're even ;)

  15. Your weekend sounds fun and ridiculously tiring.... but definitely more fun.

    Great bow btw.

  16. hi sara , i am fine,
    how are you

    looks you day was goood
    thats great
    you looks great in pics,

    my summer is over , rainy season started for us,
    in my town sky is cloudy, every time, feeling bored,

    how was summer there
    are you enjoying summer ?

  17. i really really like your outfit especially for your jumpsuit...nice


  18. Great outfit!!
    Love the pink headband!!

  19. hi-cutie-pie! I love your headband!

  20. love the pink bow!

    xx rena.

  21. Ah, now I want a dog even more - group dog walks sound like a blast! And ohmigosh Sara why must you be the cutest thing EVER? The pink scarf/bandana, the romper, the denim jacket...I die!! :)

  22. I just love, love your outfit! You are seriously the cutest ever.
    It sounds like you had such a busy, yet fulfilling weekend =)

  23. that's cool I love seeing live bands. And the romper looks lovely on you. LOL it does kind of remind me of the girls in Grease, but I think they're quite stylish!


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