FNF: Guy Style File, Adam

6:17 PM

Alright folks, ready for the second installment of the Guy-style file on Friday Night Features here on She is Sara? Here we have Adam, one of my bosses, who was kind enough to dress up for some photo-shoots that we took around our workplace in Detroit. It was a lot of fun taking these pics because I got to sneak around into some places that I normally would have walked right past. Being outside during lunch instead of being stuck indoors was a nice change. I included some scene shots so you guys could get a little image in your head of what these places look like, enjoy!
Shirt & Cords-J.Crew
Bracelet-Gift ("SSG Donald L. Munn 1/7 CAV 11 OCT 2007 Iraq")

How would you describe your style?
 A preppy business casual yuppie for work, and casual during my personal time.
Where are your favorite places to shop? Favorite brands?
 j.crew / incognito (royal oak) / modern skate / diesel (Sales racks)

Shirt-Gift from Dad
Seer Sucker pants & Belt-J.Crew
Glasses-Giovanidi Venezia (Sylvan Lake MI eye doctor)

What influences your style?
 I always think to myself if I have on a good looking/comfortable pair of jeans, some cool kicks and a comfortable hoodie/jacket, then I'm money, the shirt never matters.

Cords & Belt-J.Crew

 What is your ideal kind of day? 
Chillin' with my gf Anna...anywhere.
Fixing up my house, staying active (boarding, bball, sball),trips up north, and just chillin'.
What are some of your other favorite things/passions?  
Fixing up my pad...I enjoy interior design, fashion, I enjoy checking out new places either restaurants, bars, or shops, and lastly I would say just hangin' with my fam and gf...I have a new nephew and my niece just turned 2...they are so much fun.
Shoes-Jack Percels Converse

What is your theme song?
Country boy can survive - Hank Williams jr. 
Dream job?
Owning my own cafe/shop. I picture it being a coffee/tea house, where I would sell eclectic furniture and decor.  
Describe the perfect summer vacation.
 Wow that's a tough one. I would say anywhere on a beach where i could order a mojito or miller lite and have Anna sitting sitting right next to me.

I would like to give a special thanks to Adam for letting me drag him all over outside of our work in the hot sun to take these pictures, and for being kind enough to take the time to answer all of my questions.I hope that you guys liked this weeks Guy Style File, and I hope to have more in the upcoming FNF. Have a great weekend everyone!

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25 Musings

  1. Oh la la what a stud. how do you get any work done? haha! Love it!

  2. oh my fuckin* god!! hahaha! ur boss is hotttttttttttttt!! hahaha :D

  3. Wow... you must be the only fashion-blogger doing this (profiling men). I like it. It's good work.

    I especially like his shirt in the first set of photos. Very stylish.

  4. I love the backdrops in these photos!

    stop by my blogs!

  5. You did some great setting..he reminds me of some actor..but I can't think who...chris evans??.I liked his bracelet too.

    Anna might want to frame some of these pics of him. Great job!

  6. Cool pictures, I especially like his gingham shirt!

  7. Nice second installment of guy-style file! I got married just down the street (at Sweetest Heart of Mary) from the church that's in your pictures! I think my Aunt went to St. Albertus. I love that part of Detroit even though it's not the best neighborhood.

  8. I really like that you're doing the Guy Style File because I do think the fashion blogs are mainly dominated by women.
    And yes, just to echo everyone else's comments, your boss is lush. ^_^ Haha.

  9. So awesome. He's really sweet too. Loved his answers. Great places you got these shots too. I love the checked shirt. And those glasses are great too.

    Hope you are having a beautiful weekend. Already a bit wet and muggy here.

  10. cool shirts looks great , nice collection and his bracelet looks pretty

  11. Love their Looks, nice Idea, love it :-`*

  12. I love his seersucker pants! They're adorable...I wonder if I could get Ravi to wear some! I love that your doing men's fashion! Ravi LOVES clothes, so I like to look for little ideas that I might be able to work into his wardrobe!

  13. The first lot of pictures are great, he looks like a proper model! I love all the graffiti and that train carriage is cool too.

  14. He's so cute! Adorable glasses too.

  15. Great classic style! And I must agree with the previous commenters, he is a looker ;)

  16. AKM...
    Great pictures...you have talent and your model looks like he has some experience, too. Chase your dreams!

  17. He is blue sleeling it hardcore in these pictures, what a natural! I really like this feature of your blog, it's nice to see guys style displayed every once and awhile!

  18. He's really sweet..

    thx for the sweet comment in my post..
    wo wanna exchange link and follow me??

  19. really great pictures. Must have been a lot of fun. Especially like the first set with the graffiti against the b/w shirt

  20. ooh profiling men that's different! And yeea J crew looks pretty nice on guys, I like :D

  21. I LOVE all the places you're taking these photos. Amazing locations!
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  22. What a hottie Sara!
    His answers so cute - gotta love a guy that gushes about his gf on the net :)
    I love these. Great idea, keep it up.
    Miss you and Perth sorta sucks.

  23. Love your site Sara! Great pictures! The scenery is amazing and its really cool to know that its here in the D...your model is super handsome...his girl must be pretty lucky :) av

  24. Thanks Anna! I am glad you like it :D

  25. definitely hot boss yoo have.wink!!! yes thats one funky wrist band he has on.


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