We Sure Are Cute For Two Ugly People

11:40 AM

Okay so I may have slyly added "Inspiration" to Thursday's schedule when I was revamping the blog last night, but I think it will make for good variety. I am still tweaking this baby by the way, so sorry if everything looks a little strange. For today's inspiration, I chose to feature Kyle and I. Yeah, a little sappy I know but I am so proud of him, of all he has accomplished and this August will mark 9 years together...I just love him so much. This post may have also been influenced by our insane schedules, I live with Kyle, and yet we barely see each other. So hopefully I can share a few things with you lovelies today and not make it too sappy. 

 Kyle and I getting ready for family wedding in 2007, (before braces)

Kyle circa 2007

Cedar Point-2007
 Camping 2007
Some other time in 2007
2007-2008-Possibly New years eve?
Ice skating in Detroit-2008
The dork couple, Memorial Day 2008
Friends Wedding October 2008- 
People asked us when we were getting married, and we are just fine how we are for now. Someday it will be nice, but we are happy being slow at everything.
A delirious state of mind-2008
Michigan Renascence festival-2008
One of my favorite things to do in the summer :)
Museum on the Michigan campus in Ann-Arbor-2008
June 2009-I graduated from OCC
In Detroit, saw the Von Bondies, summer 2009
Chicago, July 2009
January 2010-Detroit
Yesterday,outside the apartment.

Basically the last few years of Kyle and me. I will have to bust out the older pics and scan them soon. Wow, it make me feel old to know that in high school we all had disposable cameras and now teenagers all have digital lol.

I hope everyone is having a great week, it's almost Friday peeps!! :D

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15 Musings

  1. You guys are so cute. This wasn't at all sappy. Its so nice to see a happy young couple!! I know what you mean about the disposable cameras, it makes me feel ancient and they haven't even been obsolete for too long. Also, why is it that you can pull of ANY hair color and look amazing. I'm so jealous.
    Another thing on a more random note: Lollapalooza, is there any chance you are going? email me krfeigenbaum at gmail.com. If I'm in the midwest, we should plan a blogger meet-up!!

  2. wow. some great pics of you two together. You as a blond..wow! I really love the happiness in your smiles. All the best!

  3. Really love these. Great to capture your adventures together like this.

  4. AWWW I just love these pictures!! Too adorable =) I hear you on being too busy to even see each other. I hope that as you both are accomplishing your goals your schedules sync up a bit. =)

  5. wow you've been together forever, but you two are so adorable! it's fun watching your hair colors change in each photo

  6. You guys are the cutest. Great post. :)

  7. Cute. Are you a natural blonde? I really like the dark fringe on you.

  8. Aww! How sweet are you two! That's so nice that he consents to having his photo taken!


  9. Ohhh, what a cute post! You guys look great!

  10. Aww you two are so adorable! Haha I didn't recognize you in the first few with blonde hair and no braces! Is your hair naturally blonde or dark?

  11. This is so sweet, I love how much you two have grown and changed together.

  12. So I have decided that Michigan Renaissance Festival-2008 is my favorite picture of the two of you. And that judgement has absolutely nothing to do with the devil horns you are wearing in the picture!

    Awww...Sara you and Kyle are the cutest! And ohmigosh you had blonde hair!

    By the way...Alessandra Ambrosio? You think my favorite model on the planet Alessandra Ambrosio looks like me?! You know that I'm going to love you forever and ever for that. Not that I wasn't planning on lovign you forever and ever already; but that comment basically multipled that love times infinity!!

    Happy, Happy Friday, my love!! :)

  13. Uhm I absolutely LOVE that song by the moldy peaches, though I do believe you and Kyle are NOT two ugly people.
    And along with seeing how adorable you two are together over the years, I love seeing the evolution of your hair style (Right now is definitely my favorite!)

  14. Awwwwww! You guys are way too cute! So sweet to see and nice little history of your relationship! How does ever single hair colour suit you? Lucky you! Ele from BORO xx

  15. Sara is naturally a reddish blonde! :)


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