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12:20 PM

I have been wanting to wear this dress for awhile, I got it when I was in Chicago last month at a resale shop in Wicker Park for $6.00 because the collar was torn. I sewed it this morning and it looks great! I am pretty sure this dress was originally from H&M, I love how simple it is and it is long enough for work. I also love the pocket. I paired this with what Kyle calls "my booya-crazy tights". I swear that I also own other boots, but I just love these.

 Last night I came home and tried to make dinner. It was horrible. The goal was to make chicken tacos, but the refrigerator has all but two settings, "it might stay cold" and "the big freeze". Needless to say,the chicken was in a big frozen ball and in the words of Pooh "My tumbly is rumbly" and I could not wait. Instead I decided to use the veggie patties that I had on hand and that could be cooked from frozen, well I heated up the pan and oil way before I out the patties on and...SPLAT. I have like 5+ little grease splats all over my hand and they all hurt like hell. The food actually turned out pretty good, and it was pretty healthy. I should have taken a pic but I was kind of in a pissy mood by the time it was all over. 

I also saw my academic adviser yesterday and it looks like another year and a half and then I will have my BA from Oakland! I should be able to register for both fall and winter semester for next year, but I am bummed. They added a "Blogging and self-narrative" course this past winter and it is available next winter...but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day...and I have work. poop. It was even a English course! *sigh*

Belt, boots & tights-f21

*PS-I am craving me some coffee!

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  1. That dress is AWESOME. What a find. And I love how you've paired it!

  2. I love your dress! The neckline is so special! Great job mending the loveliness back together! Also, I hope your splat spots are better now. :)

  3. Aw! That sucks about the blogging course & the splatters (they HURT!). But yay to being close to your BA! And I love the outfit, those tights are so much fun!

  4. about the course. Love the tights with the dress, too.

  5. woah blogging as course, dude! too bad you cannot take that

    cute dress, it looks quite classic. like very mad men-ish

  6. Lovely dress! Sorry about the cooking mishap, there's always next time :)

  7. Very cute post! I love that dress. I would totally wear it all of the time. To dinner, to bed, to work, to shop, I'd wear it everywhere!
    I loved this post! You are so human in your blog, it is nice =) While I am not happy your night did not turn out as planned, I appreciate your candidness.

  8. That dress goes perfect with those patterned tights!! so chic and pretty, I love it!

  9. I love the cut of the dress, you did a great job repairing it.

    I love the Delta Spirit; I've seen them a few times in LA when they come on tour here.

  10. Your tights are CRAZY! Awesome pattern and its cool that you paired it with a grey dress. I'm sorry about your burns, I hope they feel better. Try cooking frozen patties in the toaster oven (thats how I do it). It sucks that you can't take that class but maybe you can take it as a post grad continuing ed class after graduation if you wanted to :)

  11. Good grief Sara I want your tights more than anything right now. The pattern is PHENOMENAL! And yayay for Winnie the Pooh references! Winnie the Pooh is a genius!

    Sorry to hear about the kitchen debacle. Why is it that the food that turns out tasting the best is always the the food that caused the most pain during the creation process? :P

  12. Aw, that class sounds amazing! You would have thrived in there! But it's so exciting that you only have a year and a half left!! What are your plans for after you finish?!

    Also--I always seem to splatter boiling oil onto my hands or arms! Ugh, I hate it!!


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