Kiss From A Fist

11:41 AM

Last night Kyle finished his last ever final exam at OCC!! :) I am sooooo proud of him!! It is really hard going to school while working full-time, and he did it :D We are going to celebrate soon, either go out or have a big family dinner or something. Whatever Kyle wants, and hopefully this fall he will be attending either Wayne State or Oakland. I think he might be leaning toward Oakland because I am going there, it would be cool to have Kyle in class with me again :) After Kyle got out of his exam, we took Louie for a walk and Kyle took my outfit pics by the railroad tracks in Royal Oak. Do you notice anything odd about this outfit? do you think this happened?

He is just too cute for me to stay mad at. Sigh. I really don't know what I would do without him...probably attack my kitties more. Last week I managed to finish "Death of a salesman".  I think this was the first play that I have ever read that was not required reading from school, but it was a nice change. I am not really following any system with the books I chose. I have acquired sooooo many of them over the past few years that there is a huge variety, and I want to read them all! So I basically started at the top of the pile, and I am working my way down.

Necklace & belt-F21
Hoodie-Victoria's secret

Song "Kiss from a fist" by Florence and the machine

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20 Musings

  1. you look great in those shorts!

    congrats to Kyle!

    haha oh kiss with a fist is a great song, I sometimes wonder if it is inappropriate that I like it haha

  2. I love how you used Florence and the machines :) You rawk chika!

  3. Ohh, your outfit is quite adorable. I really like those high-waisted shorts with that particular shirt tucked in. :]

  4. Yeah! Hope you guys have some fun.

    So love the pics. Now those tights have character.

  5. AWESOME SHORTS . GUESS U HAVE TO GET A NEW TIGHT ! i kinda like ur style:)

    btw i got a befire after hair on my blog haha, but its weird,

  6. I am so jealous of your thrifted shorts! I've searched for these and cannot find a flattering pair for me. Any great tips????? Love, Annie.

  7. These little shorts are so cute! you look adorable!

    Margaux from BORO

  8. wow! for Kyle. Hope you both have some fun. Aw, always love your pics of you and your pet. I like the blouse too.

  9. Aw, sweet little Louie! I can never stay mad at the pup, even when he does things like rip the couch cover completely open, or chew a pen open onto our new comforter we got for our wedding, or dig at the sheets so much on the bed that he rips them open, and then it turn rips open the mattress itself!! Yes, sweet little Sabin has done all of those things...yet I still love him dearly and don't know what I would do either!!

  10. How beautiful with the sun in the background. I love the ensemble, cute shirt and shorts. I'm on the lookout for a pair of high waisted shorts.

  11. I love those shorts! Such a great photo as well. Train tracks always seem to make for a good picture. :]

  12. That is a very cute outfit, too bad about the snag. Congrats to your Kyle! =)
    I've also read Death of a Salesman. I suggest you read Rumors by Neil Simon. Very funny.

  13. You look so pretty in these pictures! I love your outfit, and its colors. Louie's looking pretty sharp himself.

    Death of a Salesman is such a fantastic play. I just read Fences by August Wilson and really enjoyed it as well!

  14. Congrats to Kyle! I love your shorts, they're so perfect!

  15. Those shorts look GREAT on you!
    Look at your tiny little waist :D
    Totally know what you mean about the babies being too cute to be mad at. Every day I wanna wear black I just have to sigh and look at my babies and it's so worth not being able to wear that colour unless I wanna look like a furball, because Misch and Tibs are the best.

    Train tracks make for awesome pics. There are so many nice backdrops in Michigan... I can't wait to visit.

    Ps. I emailed you back, I think. I'm pretty sure I did. Hope you got it :D

  16. That is such a cute necklace!

  17. Oh, you look so adorable in the shorts! And the color of the top is so marvelous on you.

  18. Yayay! Congratulations to Kyle! You're so right...working and going to school at the same time can be hard; it's amazing that he was able to complete his classes! And I SO hope that the two of you go to the same school - being in the same class would be can copy each other's homework! Haha!!

    Love, love, love the colors of your outfit; and the railroad tracks are the absolute PERFECT backdrop for your pictures!! :)

  19. I love how this shade of purple looks with blue! very cute outfit!


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