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11:47 AM

 My dentist and orthodontist are located in Sears at Oakland Mall. Once every 5 weeks I suffer through my visit and then I slip into the forever 21 that patiently awaits my visits. My best friend Jamie (above) and I have been swooning over rompers for some time but have not had the chance to hunt any down. After my most recent cleaning, I knew I had a mission to find us the perfect rompers. I called her up, and got the stats on her ideal romper and came across the one she is wearing in the photos. I honestly would have bought the same exact one if it came in my size, but, alas, there was only one in her size.


 This is the one I snagged and I was pretty happy with it once I got home. I could not wait until the weekend so I could style it and I am positive that this one will be worn many times over the summer. 

 Last week I was pretty lazy and also enjoying that school was out so I basically did nothing (except work).  But once Thursday came around I was in better shape, I hung out with my Friend Anne that I had not seen since before Christmas, we went to the mall and we were supposed to look for something for me to wear out Friday night, and so we spent a good hour in F21 and I came out with....this green flannel. I keep buying more and more plaid, it is some kind of addiction or something. 

 Friday night was a blast! I wound up at Luna, an alternative-ish night club in Royal Oak with a good group of friends. Friday is band night so it isn't just club music all-night (although they are famous for playing Weezer and Shiny Toy Guns, so it isn't all that bad). We played pool all night (okay, I played one game and watched my friend Dan kick everyone's ass at pool all night), danced to the music, Jamie and my friend Suzzie made friends with cute guys and between both groups we took over almost a whole section of the place. Needless to say, it was a great night. 

 We drank but not too much, as we were in bed by 3am and up again before 10am the next  morning. After a delicious breakfast of toaster strudels, four of us headed to the tigers game in Detroit (hence the kitty ears). The day started out dreary but we wound up sitting in sunshine and enjoying a winning game on warm Saturday afternoon. After taking Jamie home, Kyle and I wrapped up the night with a classic viewing of "Back to the future" complete with Cheetos and PBR light (I couldn't believe that they make it either).  Sunday was another adventure all on it's own, I caught up with my friend Becky that I had not seen in ages (Halloween, matter of fact) and we had a full day of talking, bumming around Royal Oak, walking Louie, watching video's on youtube, eating double-stuffed Oreos....and oh yeah, figuring out how to use the video feature on my camera!!! I even created a youtube account :) Becky filmed Louie going crazy on a walk and we are going to put together a video that I will post on this blog as soon as we get it together. 

 I was trying to be creative with the pic, but I will have the rest of the pics from our Sunday adventure up on flickr asap!

On Jamie
Sweater-borrowed from her Mom
Necklace-Borrowed from moi
Bracelet-Cedar Point
Awesome Star Wars watch-Burger King

On me
Flannel, romper & boots-F21
Bracelet-Gift from friend 
Ears-Comerica Park gift shop

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20 Musings

  1. Too adorable. It sounds like you had so much fun!
    I love rompers, but they simply do not work on my frame, no matter how many I try on!

  2. i like those pictures u post, gd times caught on camera

    anyway...i cut my fringe in the toilet today hahahaha, i ggave in lol...after much consideration

  3. How cute these pics are :)

  4. I am so happy/jealous that you can pull off a romper like that. I have yet to find a perfect fit. hmph. haha

  5. cool rompers! Love the ears too. Sounds like a lot of fun on your weekend.

  6. you two look adorable, I may need a romper now

    I really need to watch Back to the Future again

  7. That is a super awesome romper you are wearing! :)

  8. reading about your weekend made me tired. Really though it sounds wonderful and filled with friends and fun. Rompers are my life. Yours is so so cute. I love that you put a flannel over it. My best friend hates them passionately and it makes me love them more. I have to get a pattern so I can design a new one then make it myself! PS- toaster strudels are GLORIOUS
    pps-my chucks are clean because my stepmom felt the need to clean them when I visited her in November and I can't get them dirty again lol

  9. such happy pictures. so love the jumpers. you guys make them work so well. sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  10. Jamie's owl necklace is so badass! If I could pull off a romper, I'd probably have one or two in my own collection. Next time I come over, I'll hook you up with Photoshop and hopefully it won't crash your computer :D I want to go through it and come up with a system for you to arrange your photos and videos so everything is easier to find.

  11. What a full weekend! But in a good way. I love your romper!! The color and pattern are so flattering. Very cute. You two are just adorable together!!! I can really sense from the pictures that you are besties =)

  12. I think it would be fun to spend a night playing pool. But I'm positive that I would play one game, suck at it, and want to go home and sulk...

    You look super cute in your romper!

  13. Heavens, your flower bracelet! I need it. And your friends bracelet is also super amazing -- as is her hair and outfit. And yours! I'm in love ;)


  14. You both look adorable! I love your romper.

  15. Aww you two are adorable, and I love both of your rompers! I'm still looking for the perfect one!

  16. Inspires me to buy my own rompers soon, I've wanted one for a while now..

  17. First...ohmigosh are those your Josie and the Pussycat ears? Did you find them? They are SO incredibly adorable, Sara!

    And why must you show me rompers. I have been swooning over both of these at for weeks now - I want them! They look absolutely adorable on you and Jamie! Ummm...I think we need to have a romper party!! :)

  18. I love your romper with the embroidery on it! Looks perfect for some comfy frolicking, ha ha. I also quite like how you put a plaid shirt over it, it just works so great! :]

  19. such cute rompers :)

    Aww I love ob-la-di ob-la-da (sp?) used to love it so much when i was little! :) x

  20. Rompers remind me of nothing but summer. I wish it was warm here.


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