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Michigan decided to be cold suddenly again, and since I am too lazy to keep changing the heat, I wake up frozen as an ice-pop every morning. So I figured I would bust out the jeans, and show off my horribly tied tie that I picked up from the Salvation Army a few years ago. The tie is way too long for me, I have to tuck it into whatever I am wearing when I do put it on. Overall, it is nice to change things up. Speaking of, since my personal goal of reading a book per week was interrupted by my procrastination, I decided to share another poem with you guys today. I hope that you guys like it :)

By Sara Astley

Nuzzling with noodles upon the stained
The warm space between our bodies does not exist
when I close in. Connect rain with
dirty windows
streak shadows
on our cold spring legs.
I grip the blanket with my toes to shade the naked in.
I string invisible swirls on your stomach with luke-warm thoughts in my vision of green.
The room layers blue,
and the broccoli gets cold. Yet our hair is mixed,
and our breath tempered.
Share a pillow and a chive,
Shoe-laced fingers grip time, and brush back my non-reflective hair.
Funnel-cake communications sweeten our ears,
this evening.

Top & Jeans-F21
Tie-Salvation army

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28 Musings

  1. it looks like u aare going to school :)

    i love the top

  2. I love this outfit! so cute! :)

  3. Just found your blog today :-) Very nice!

    I like the outfit. It's soooo bookish chic.

    And the poem is really good too!

  4. I always tell myself that I should read more! (And I never do so! ^^) Lovely outfit!

  5. hehe like the tie

    I love the random food references in that poem

  6. do you ever not look super cute?!x

  7. I so want that tie! Wow, so cool.

    & I love poem. I just got all sorts of visions there. Really, made me smile. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Hope you warm up soon.

    Damp and a bit chilly here in Nebraska..but no tornadoes to report. A friend of mine had moved to OK City a few months ago to be with her brother. I haven't heard from her.

  8. Aw, you remind me of Hermione! Adorable!!

  9. I just found your blog, and had to pop in to say hello.
    I love this outfit, too! So geek-chic!

  10. Cute outfit, I can't believe you can tie a tie! good job :)

  11. Hehe, well look at you!
    Love the hair. Will you please cut/style mine all the time? :)
    I had this grand idea when Avril Lavigne first got famous that I would wear ties, vests and chucks all the time. Didn't happen. But you could totally pull it off :D

    I sent you a letter yesterday!
    I miss you x

  12. You look so cute here! The adorable tie is just perfect, love it!

  13. You looks o cute and preppy. :]

    argh i'm so jealous of your incredible poetry skills Sara! So wonderful.

  14. Another fabulous poem, lady!! I love the shoes and tie too. I need to learn how to tie a tie one of these days...

  15. You look so adorable! I love how perfectly your headband matches with your shirt!

    And the poem is marvelous! I could totally picture that sweet, intimate moment.

  16. Loved the opening line to your poem!

    Oh..and that pink tie is adorable. I so want one now.

  17. the addition of the tie completes the whole outfit! ahh so adorable!

  18. I love love love your outfit!!!!! Perfect!! I also really appreciated that you shared your poem. It was lovely.

  19. love this look and that head band is gorge xxxx

  20. Your poem, your poem, your poem! Sara I LOVE it. You reference things that seem totally unrelated to the subject at hand; yet manage to correlate so perfectly. Have you ever thought of submitting your work to a literary magazine, or something? You really have such talent as a poet!

    By the way; the headband is the most perfect color EVER!! :)

  21. This outfit is sooo cute! And I like your hair like that. So preppy! :)

  22. Love the tie with the v-neck -- so cute and preppy!

  23. I think the tie is perfect for a unique POP to the outfit. Thanks for commenting!

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