Mom Lunch!

10:47 AM

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone for the complements on the new blog look, I spent way too much time on it but I am liking it now for the most part. I am not completely sold on the header, I will miss my cute owl guy. Second, the adorable Chloe of Butterflies, Cupcakes, and Daffodils interviewed me and you can see it on her blog today! Chloe is an amazing girl and I love her sweet blog, so go check her blog out! :)

I picked up my mom to take her to lunch at Panera Bread in Birmingham yesterday for Mother's Day. I tried to coax her into going into the Cupcake Store but it was a no-go. We did get some coffee and hung out for a bit before heading back home. I took some outfit pics of my mom and so did my brother David.(PS-This is what nice red hair looks like, when mine is red, it looks like this for one wash then it turns brassy). Kyle and I went over to his mom's house for dinner, we had yummy pizza and cake and just sat around joking for a bit. It was a pretty nice Mother's day.

lol we kind of look like hippies. It was pretty cold here yesterday and it has been the last few days (and windy as all hell) Michigan is crazy like that, so I had to bust out the long skirt one more time. I really should find more like this, maybe a patterned one? Long skirts can be really fun.


 The rest of the week last week wasn't too exciting. I have been slacking at pretty much everything. I stayed home from work sick Friday (my one free sick day of the year) because when I woke up and started to make coffee, I blacked out. So I had Kyle call my work and I sent my boss a text saying I was going to stay in. I wound up sleeping in until one in the afternoon and I have been pretty much "blah" ever since. I did manage to watch SNL for the first time in about 6 years and omg, Betty White rocks! I cracked up almost the whole show, and I think it was just awesome that she hosted. How was everyone's Mother's Day?

On Mom
Dress & Sweater-Gift
Shades-Steve & Barry's 

On me:
Skirt-Salvation Army

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18 Musings

  1. Ah, you and your mom are so adorable, Sara! I can't help but to think of the band Heart when I look at the picture of the two of you together - love love!

    I'm so glad you had a Happy Mother's Day; though I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. Get well soon, my love!

    And to check out the interview!! :)

  2. Aw glad you and your mom had a fab mother's day! Mine was lowkey, plus I had to work, but my mom loved it!
    And you and your mom looked amazing!

  3. You're so lovely..and I love your pictures! :) Looks so nice! :)

  4. both styles are stylish and vintage i like it!

  5. You two are so cute! My mother would never pose for blog photos. I am a little jealous.

  6. love the leather peace bracelet!! both of you look fab :)

  7. Oh no! You blacked out?! I hope you're feeling better even if you're still a little blah!

  8. wow! you two look soooo alike! it is insane :)

    omg, you blacked out? hope you feel better if not, please go to the hospital

  9. Awwwww I love mom and daughter pictures :) You two are darling!! It looks like you have a great bond!

    You are beautiful! I love these pictures- the blue tunic looks wonderful on you!

    I love your blog layout!

  10. This was really so sweet. Love her red skirt. Great shades you guys have too. Cool that you got the upclose pic of her hair too. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's day!

  11. congrads on the interview. You guys are so charming. What a fun time you guys must have had.

  12. SNL was totally great this week.

    How cute of your mom to pose for pictures with you. I love it.

    And the new blog design is gorgeous. Well done!

  13. You and your mom are so cute! I'm glad to hear you had a nice mother's day.

    The interview was awesome! I learned a lot about you. Great job!

  14. what a sweetie pie post sara! i love your gifted bracelet, and i'm totally with you on the spending too much time with blog html too. it definitely paid off though. i love the background.

  15. Incredible how much you look like your mom!

    The new blog looks great, I love the buttons for archives.

  16. loving your outfits girlies - you both look gorge xxxxxx

  17. Hey I hope you are feeling better!!! You and you mom are adorable! OMG BETTY WHITE, I was dying it was so good.

  18. I, too, will miss the owl guy! Lovely new layout though and congrats on your Cupcakes interview! Will go check it out now! :)


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