Giant Umbrella

12:08 PM

So I stole Kyle's giant golf umbrella for these pics and I kind of want to keep it. Mostly because I have no clue where my pink one is, but I got rained on on the way to work, leaving work, and heading to the grocery store. It is cold too, I was so sleepy all day at work, I am surprised that I got anything done. The one good thing about this weather is that Kyle and I are eating all the food I had stashed away all winter. I really don't like cooking a whole lot when it gets hot out, we just BBQ mostly, but the last few days have been all about mac & cheese, tator tots, tuna salad sandwiches, ramen noodles, soup, grilled ham and cheese.....I did make a pretty awesome chicken stir-fry last week (and I didn't burn myself). 

Also, coming up on June 6th is the She&Him fashion blogger meet-up! Hosted by Katie of Tinda Keelie, Maria of Lulu Letty as well as myself. Come to Royal Oak for the show, some outfit pics ;) and some fun after the concert. She&Him will be playing at the Royal Oak music theater at 7pm, tickets are around $35 all together. Please feel free to invite non-blogging friends :)


Patterned green dress-Thrifted 
Flannel dress-Urban Outfitters 
Belt & Boots-F21

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19 Musings

  1. love the pattern mixing here

    yay for tater tots

    so wish I could join you lovely ladies in MI for she&him, sounds like the perfect night

    love west coast, or anything by coconut records btw

  2. Oh my gosh, I don't know about going to the show (but I want to) but I'd love to meet up with you girls for drinks!! And not to sound like a creep but I think you live like right by me... haha! your building looks familiar!

  3. That dress is adorable! well, I should say BOTH dresses are adorable hahah

  4. It's been raining too much here, as well! I like rain, but not what it does to my! I really like your dress!

  5. So the umbrella..yes, comfort foods a must..cold and damp here..I had to go to Panera's for the broccoli soup today.

    So love the plaid jacket, too. Great about the meet. At first I thought you were meeting up with the band that Zoey what's her face (500 days of summer & some guy) as of yet, I haven't gotten their cd, but I guess they are the hottest for this concert season.

  6. You look so cute! It's rainy and and cold here too! Boo May, be sunny again. Aw and that meetup sounds like so much fun! Too bad I don't live around there!

  7. Oh my gosh, you're making my mouth water with all this talk of Midwestern comfort food!
    Thanks so much for commenting and following my blog, btw, it's always great to see new faces as readers!

    I loved your outfit (again!) today, it's totally Midwest-chic. It's a phenomenon, happens once and a while with the fabulous folks in my own home-region of the U.S.
    Work it out, girl.

    lol. <3

  8. That's one BIG umbrella! I bought a really cool one from MOMA which has a sunny sky painted on the inside.

    BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog!

  9. what an umbrella..oh, tater-tots! yum! I could so eat those for breakfast.

    Great about the blogger happening. I know it'll be fun.

  10. adorable as always. love your outfit taken with your mom.

    feels so good to go thru' your blog after so long...damn my work!!!love yoo.

  11. No fair! I want to go to this blogger meet up. Can't we all have one in Australia? Haha.

    I was looking at buying houses in Michigan today. I sometimes like to day dream and budget... haha. That's how bored I get at work. So question, what area are you in? Lol.

    I love your boots most of all here but that green dress is fab too!

  12. its raining as i read boo hoo x

  13. Love the rainy day look! You mismatched the patterns marvelously!

  14. Cute. Totally reminds me of my umbrella/flannel outfit post. Plus, I love the pop of color and the pattern mixing. You go!

  15. blogg walkingg~
    suchh an inspiringg blogg :) i lovee itt!! love the mix n match pattern :)

    Secret of Life

  16. i dont know how you can smile when its raining! I have 'evil face' when it rains. HATE ITTTT! x

  17. Thanks :)
    And I love you Blog & this Outfit ;)


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