Living Room Tour & An Outfit!

4:38 PM

I am going to share with you guys mt favorite room in the entire apartment! The living room. It is probably the room that gets the most abuse too. Since it is the biggest room, everyone hang out in there. Even the pets. Kyle and I eat in there more than the kitchen, and we tend to dump all of our stuff in this room when we come home. 

 Kyle took these pictures of the flowers that we planted in our garden when we first moved in the apartment. I really want to scan them and share them with you guys sometime soon.

I really love this picture Kyle snagged from a yard sale when we moved in, it is a little bit bumped up like everything else we own, but I don't know. I love sitting on the couch looking at it.

Probably the only picture we bought from a store, the clearance rack at Micheal's. I t reminds me of Tim Burton a little bit, it reminds Kyle of Harry Potter. It was originally in the bedroom, but when we painted the living room purple (another one of my picks) we knew it looked better in the living room.

This we bought at an art fair before we even moved in. It was painted by a student at OCC. I have never been to Paris, but this is what I imagine it took be like.

This is my favorite couch in the whole world. It was given to me by my Gramps and it pulls out into a bed. I love how beautifully tacky it is (I like tacky things btw). The pillows were given to me by my friend Verna, and the blanket by my friend Tanya. The Eeyore? Kyle.When I was in high school, I loved Eeyore (I still do). Eventually someone found out and I have so much Eeyore crap it is scary.

My Dad made this last shelf for me when I was little. All the Eeyore's were given to me by Kyle or the fam or from friends.

Just a few more of my favorite things in the living room. My Dad loves picking up tacky little nick-knacks for me to collect, better to feed my addiction of tacky items. 

Kyle and I have a serious movie addiction, both of the cupboards are stuffed with DVDS. There is also my very small record collection, as well as my Buffy, X-files and Scrubs DVDS. :)

My favorite toy! My record player Kyle got me for my birthday, complete with the Von Bondies on vinyl.

Louie in his favorite spot. This couch has been through Kyle's Mom's dog, our two kitties, and now Louie. I think we may never get a nice couch in fear that it may look like this after a month. 

I am sorry that there are so many pics in this post, but some of you guys want to see the "tour" and there are only two rooms left :) Okay, onto the outfit pics from yesterday. 

Again, I really suck at shopping for an occasion. I went to the mall to look for something to wear to Kyle's graduation, and somehow went into Hot Topic and walked out with another plaid shirt, and this Death Cab for Cutie T. A band shirt? What am I 15 again? But I couldn't help it, I love them and in the morning I put this on and Kyle really liked it. I know it's hard to tell in these pics but I cut my hair with the help of Christina's video. I was freaking out the other day because I was dumb and put pomade in it and it made it all flat and oily the next day. I think I found out a good system for styling so I shouldn't have a problem anymore. Anywho, tomorrow is the recap so expect to see lots of Kyle in a cap and gown :)

T-shirt-Hot Topic
Skirt-Salvation Army
Necklace-jewel art

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27 Musings

  1. love the death cab shirt, it goes well with your skirt

    you have the best paint colors in your apartment!

    yes, cow knicknacks!

    RE my post: cold mountain is the second book I've started lately that I cannot get into. I usually give the book about 50 pages and then kaput, and now I am at 70 and still no luck. from reading the back cover it doesn't seem like there is much plot, hmm I'll keep trucking to 100 and then quit if it still sucks haha. It's just frustrating picking up like 3 books and never making progress, some books are slow at the start, but still. what book are you trying to read, so I can avoid it haha?

  2. I hate how much I love the Death Cab shirt haha.


  3. I love your living room! Especially the purple wall color and those owl knick knacks. :) Your home looks so cozy!

  4. I think your outfit is really cute! It's casual and looks pretty comfy too...even if it involves a band tee. lol.

  5. I love your outfit! And your shirt is so cute - who could resist?

  6. Aw, you're apartment looks so cozy!

    Haha, we have white couches form Ikea that we constantly have to keep covered because of all the animals!! And even then, they still get to them and weave their fur and dirt into the fabric.

    Also, before I even read the last part, I was like...OH, HER CUTIE HAIR!! Nice job!

  7. I like your paisley skirt and how you paired it with that Death Cab t-shirt, haha! Your living room is quite awesome actually, I especially like that Paris painting! I've been looking for one just like that to hang in my room, maybe with the Eiffel Tower in the back and a cafe and street in the front :)

  8. Your living room looks really inviting and comfortable. And oh man Eeyore stuff for days. That black one above the shelf looks a little haunting or judgmental. haha.

  9. Oh my god I love death cab so much it hurts a little! So jealous of your top, I've wanted one for only...I dunno, forever! Stupid England not having a Hot Topic. =[
    Really like your living room too. It's dead homely and I like your little owl figures. =]

  10. I so want that Death Cab for Cutie..shirt! Love the color of the room. awesome blanket on the couch too...and all those sweet owls..great stuff! Yeah, I have a record player like that one too...

    Very cool post.

  11. I want that shirt! :D Ahh, I love me some Death Cab. You look awesome here - like a funky band chick.Love your living room - I love the purple on the walls! Oh now I wanna do a tour so you can see my house. But maybe I just wanna show you and now the whole world. Hehe.

    I love how colourful and eclectic your living room is Sara. And I love you :D

    Might email you later today. I'm on a high from the exercise right now and simply excited about life. Haha! xx

  12. you have some awesome stuff. cool room! What a great skirt too. Love the outfit! I love Death Cab for Cutie too.

  13. LOVE YOUR LIVING ROOM!!! It look so cute and cozy and SO you! Haha I'm pretty sure your Eeyore craze (btw he was my favorite Pooh character when I was little!) is the same as my panda craze! Love them.
    And your outfit is adorable; I suck at shopping for occasions too! Yay for Kyle's graduation!!!!

  14. Oooh your home looks so nice! I love the pictures Kyle took. It is so nice to surround yourself with diy projects =)
    Thanks for the sweet comment! The recipe is up if you are interested.

  15. I love your couch! I kind of have a thing for Eeyore too. He's so adorable. Your Death Cab shirt is really cute too. I don't usually like band t-shirts, but I loves this one and how you styled it!

  16. Vinyl rules! And band t-shirts are always cool.

  17. I LOVE that painting you bought from an OCC student - it sort of reminds me of something by Thomas Kincaid. It's just gorgeous! And yayay for Eeyore. He has always been my favorite; his voice alone makes me think that he is constantly in need of a cuddle!! :)

  18. lovely pictures great painting it looks awesome

  19. Awesome! I really like your nice outfit! Sooo great :)

  20. just realize ur face look familiar :) though ur a diff person :DD
    nice skirt btw. :)


    Secret of Life

  21. I love the purple wall, the painting and all the little owls hidden around the room. Cute outfit too.

  22. Cute living room. Looks really cosy! Especially love the record player. Dig the outfit too! Ele from BORO x

  23. If you think you're silly for liking that Deathcab Shirt then I must be silly too. I love band shirts but I never know how to incorporate them into my everyday style.

    You do it quite well though!


    A plus B

  24. so cosy and cute!

    I love your skirt too!x

  25. You really have beautiful pictures in your apartment! I love the one with the snow!
    And I love your outfit! :-)

  26. Oh hey samesies! I had a couch just like that in college, and I now have a flatiron picture in my room!! I love that outfit, you make me sad that I dont have my band teeshirts anymore! I love it!!!!! did you change your hair??

  27. I have the same shirt.:P
    Love the purple in the living room and your Eeyore collection is cute.


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