Bedroom Tour & An Outfit!

12:57 PM

Welcome to my bedroom! It is getting close to the end of the tour now, and I am happy to share with you a room that Kyle got to pick out the paint for. Yes, we have a bright orange bedroom. At first I thought it would drive me insane, but now I am used to it and I like it.

The pillows and the bedspread don't match here because Louie ate the bedspread. I figure that it just adds to our "hodge-podge" look of the apartment.

Louie also ate the nose off of my care bear that kyle got for me when we first started dating. Add to it all the hair Louie sheds all over my bed and you have some character in this room.

I picked up this guy at the Salvation army and I love it. It reminds me of all the crap I had when I was little.

The top two are from the Salvation army, I love Van Gogh so I had to get them (I also really love the salvation army). The frog picture my grandma made, the Japanese one I also got from the salvation army. The next one is just a bunch of different pics that I hung up to start a sort-of collage. This last one is of Louie as a puppy.

I love books. These are my Sci-fi fantasy books, and here is a music box that was my grandmothers. It plays "like a rose".

More books! I also have a ton of picture frames as you can see. Also, Kyle has a thing for vases.

I wasn't kidding. Wait until you guys see the computer room. But this is nothing compared to my friend Jamie.

I also really love stuffed animals. They are mostly Eeyore.

Lots of Eeyore. And also one Ugly Doll.

My closet. The worse part is that over half of my clothes are not even in here, they are waiting to be washed. I also organize my closet by Roy G Biv. Because I am obsessive compulsive like that.

Some of my bags.

A pic of  Kyle and me when we first started dating. I was 15, Kyle was 18, we are at Mackinac City here. :)

Okay onto outfit pics as I am late getting to my parents house. :P 

Top-gift from friend
Hat-handmade from art fair

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22 Musings

  1. really love your dress here

    oo orange is such a striking color, your apartment seriously has the best colors to it! can't wait to see what you do with your house (good luck on the search)

    hehe love ugly dolls

  2. a lovely bedroom, a wardrobe and a dress!

  3. oh i want a orange bedroom now!

    Lovely :)

    And you have more random crap than me! Thats a feat! x

  4. Aww look at you both! You both look so young! ^_^
    Your bedroom is really cute and I love your music box. I also love that Kyle has a thing for vases. My boyfriend has a thing for EVERYTHING. He's a hoarder and I'm trying to beat it out of him. =P
    And at first I thought your hat was attached to your cardigan cos it just looked like a hood upon first glance. Haha.

  5. wow your room is soo beautiful
    i want to visit once its really cool
    nice bedroom
    your room is cool, you keep so clean great

    your dress is not beautiful ,
    you are beautiful thats why your dress looks beautiful,

    nice post

  6. Aw, louie is so adorable. Cool color in your you think you'd have to paint it the same color when you move to a different bedroom? I think of my brother and how he used to be when we would move (my dad was in the military) and if the same curtains weren't up where ever we went..he'd complain..that it just wasn't home until they were up.

    I so love the plaid in your outfit today. Thats so sweet..your first picture together too.

  7., I'm so glad somebody loves milk crates as much as me.

  8. can't go wrong with sunflowers..and books. Sweet photos too. You are so brave to take a pic of the bedroom. Mine can stay neet only 5 minutes about once a year.

    great outfit today too.

  9. I love the orange! So bright and cheery! I also organize my closet by that system! And Ravi's...although he could care less!

    I love your dress!!

  10. I have that same Van Gogh painting! Actually, we both have reproductions of that painting unless you're wealthier than I thought. :)

    Love the orange wall-color.

  11. I love your house tours! When I get my place established I should join in on the fun!

  12. The color looks so yummy and happy! And, once again, you look so effortlessly adorable!

  13. I think I'm going to have an orange wall, orange makes me so happy. I also love that Van Gogh painting, my mum has a print of it too. It goes perfect on that wall.

    Also I love that your clothes are in colour order like mine :)

  14. lovee ur dress!! :))
    ur room is so neat n comfyy :)

    secret of life

  15. nice room looks amazing , your dool are so cute nice outfit

  16. I like your room - it has a lot of personality :) I love your dress!

  17. Okay, so today's outfit pic is my favorite because I have decided that I need your bag. As in...desperately! Love it!

    And...oddly enough, I kind of love the orange room - and I typically don't even like the color orange! Yayay for Care Bears. I have that very same one!! :P

  18. I organize my closet by Roy G. Biv also. I take it a step further by organizing by sleeve/skirt length. I like the wall color. It might just be from the lighting in the pictures. But the color reminds me of a mango. :P

  19. Gorgeous dress! I have a skirt with the same pattern but when I brought it it was too big and now it's FAR too big :(

    I love your bedroom - so quirky. LOL at Kyle picking bright orange! I can see how it would grow on you though... haha.

    I want to do a house tour before I leave here. Getting nervous now. Eep!

  20. funky bedroom! Orange is such a unique colour :)

  21. Ooh, your room looks great. I really like the orange... I'm always looking for ideas on how to organize things, especially clothing, accessories, purses, shoes, etc...

    Thanks for sharing!


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