I Can't Stop Partyin'

12:25 PM

Ever have one of those friends that comes over and borrows your clothes, and looks completely fab and better in them than you do? Well that is my friend Suzzie. I am not jealous...well not too much, I am happy that some of my clothes get worn and look cute, even if it is by someone else :P

Suzzie is also my twin! lol okay, she is two years younger than me, but we both share October 20th. Saturday night, Suzzie and I and a bunch of our friends went out to one of my favorite bars in Royal Oak, Luna. We didn't get any pics at the bar because I didn't feel like lugging around my huge camera, but I will try to take some next time. We had a blast either way, and I hope to go again before the end of summer. 

 Sorry this one of me is so blurry, but we were in a hurry to get going.  Kyle and I have also been house-hunting like mad, as most of you know. Houses are heartbreaking. So far, most of the ones we called on are in pending sale. ugh. Hopefully tomorrow we will be seeing one, and I hope some of the other places will call us back. I know that I am being picky, but I know that we will be in whatever house we buy for a long time. I really want a fenced in yard for Louie, which isn't too bad, most yards are. I want either a garage or a basement (or if we are lucky, both) for storage.  And, my big thing is, a big porch. I really could care less if the rooms were tiny, I just want to be able to put two chairs and a little table outside so i can sit and read, and sip my coffee in the nice warm summer. I want to carve pumpkins and decorate it for Halloween. I want to throw snowballs off it in the winter. I just love porches. I know that it is kind of being picky, but this is a huge investment. Okay, enough about houses. 

 See Suzzie's nice summer shoes? I need to get some. I am slowly becoming a mostly flat girl, but nice summer wedges will help my legs look less like a chubby porcelain doll (as Kyle puts it). 

Don't I look fab with bunny ears? ;) How was everyone's weekend?


(On Suzzie)
Top-Thrifted from Regenertation
Shoes,necklace & earrings-hers

(On me)
Suspenders-Hot topic

Song "I can't stop partyin'" by Weezer

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  1. love your outfit, but how are you wearing tights? the Midwest is freaking hot lately, I am only allowed to take Gatsby on like a 15mn walk today b/c it is so warm out today.

    Good luck house hunting, I've heard it can be tough, but you'll find one. I'm surprised it's been hard though because I thought due to the bad economy there was a surplus of houses on the market? hmm

    my weekend was okay: lots of social obligations. my parents attended a wedding on saturday so I had the house to myself on Saturday. On Sunday we had to attend the first of four grad parties for kids of people my mom works with. she's a doctor in a practice of ten, and like four of those docs have kids graduating. Even though I technically don't have to go to every single one, unfortunately most of the other graduates came to yesterday's party too so I am now promised to stop by ugg haha

  2. I only had a minute to browse ur post between classes, but I have to say:

    1) I KNOW HER!!! ah!

    2) Your photos together look phenomenal (sp?)

    3) I can't wait to see you

    4) good luck with ur house hunting/moving/ being a grown up!

  3. you pair are so cute!

    hope you and sir kyle get some good luck with houses soon!x

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    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

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  5. Looks like some girl fun for sure. Love the going out looks.

    Oh..you guys should seriously see if you can spend the night in one of those places if you really want it..though..just in case. Make sure to turn the water on and off and push on the windows too..see if they open and close. & yeah, its wonderful to have an outdoor place too. All the best on the house hunt.

  6. Such cute pictures! I love your outfit, polka dots and suspenders are your friend =) So cute. I hope you two had a blast.
    I laughed at Kyle's comment because I feel the same way about my legs. I swear, they are 2/3s of my body weight. I am talking mom-ready thighs!
    You are too cute.

  7. we do have a pool actually, but it is not up and running yet, generally I stay cool by staying indoors ( we do have ac) and drinking iced tea

  8. Aw, you look adorable! I love your skirt! Sooo cute!

    I definitely think it's okay to be picky when looking to purchase a house! That is a huge investment, and something you want to feel comfortable in and proud of! It's sooooo weird that you talk about how porches are important to you, because Ravi and I were talking about what we wanted in a house last week, and I said I wanted a huge porch! I loved spending time on my parent's porch when I lived at home, and I love all your reasons for wanting a porch! Right now we have a back deck that's big and we can sit out there and hang out with Sabin!

    I hope you have a lovely week!!

  9. you both look extra cute!

    Good luck with the house hunting, it's hard but also exciting! And it's amazing when you find somewhere and can make it your own! Nothing like it!

  10. You both look great! I love your skirt/suspenders combo :)

  11. You two are cute! I like how you rock the suspenders. :) Good luck with house hunting. The perfect house is just waiting for you, Kyle and Louie. :)

  12. 'footballer's calf' is the petname my boyfriend gave to mine :P and I am one to dress my friends up in my wardrobe (everything aside from shoes cause I happen to have 'big feet', according to them), they always come knocking before a big night out ^^ (doesn't it feel good when they look good in YOUR clothes with YOUR styling sense?)

  13. Ah these pictures look like you're having so much fun! Hope the house hunting starts to improve!!
    And your legs do not resemble a chubby porcelain doll's!

  14. Love your outfit Sara! Love that your top matches your nails - red looks great on you. I love it on me too - must be our skin and hair colour :)

    Good luck with the house!

  15. Sara!!!

    I feel like you stole the words from my mouth- so many times my friends come over, borrow something, and I think to myself "damn, i wish I could pull that off like that...."

    It's kind of sad hahaha.

    But I guarantee that you could rock anything!

    I love the suspenders on your skirt!!

    so cute.


  16. omg you guys are so goofy. the facial expression. so miss it

  17. Looks so fun. Love your look. It must have been a fun weekend!

  18. Love your suspenders and polka-dots! I have a friend like that too. Although we wear each other's clothes so I don't mind it a bit. Cute photos!

  19. You look absolutely cute in that outfit! You're bring suspenders back! Woohoo! Old school cool! :)

  20. very cute pictures you both looks great nice pictures i like you guys

  21. Sara, it sounds like you're house-hunting by calling all kinds of different seller's agents? You'll save a lot of time and frustration if you choose yourself a buyer's agent who can then send you info on only available things that match what you want. They will work on your behalf and get to know your preferences which is a big plus when you're searching.

    A lot of first time buyers are not clear on the advantages of this. You don't pay their commission, the seller does. (Plus, if you use the seller's agent to buy the listing, they get BOTH halves of the commission and are not able to represent YOU. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not the most advantageous position for a buyer.)

    I have had a real estate license for years, so I see this issue come up a lot. Hope this helps!

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  23. Ah, Sara I am in LOVE with your outfit! The red, the polka dots...so cute! Wait...is your birthday October 20?! Haha! So is my mom's! And you definitely need to get wedges. I have been a flats girl my entire life; but I bought my first pair of wedges a few weeks ago, and I have been wearing nothing but ever since. Love to the tenth power.

    By the way...is it hot here? Heck yes! We're almost pushing 100*!! :(

  24. i love ur skirt n ur SHOES is just awesomee!! lovee itt :))

    secret of life


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