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1:00 PM

Where the hell am I you ask? I am in an abandoned park outside of my work in Detroit. I have company, someone took this pic for me and you guys will get to know more on that in a few weeks (it's going to be cool, I promise!) Okay, the rest of these are in Royal Oak.

I am exhausted, but in a good way. I have been doing mini workouts every morning and Louie's after dinner walks have been longer because Kyle and I are walking all over Royal Oak looking at houses we see online. We are just going to take down some of the ones we like and call our Realtor to work out all the showings and whatnot. Oh and did I mention that Kyle and I have to take a class? Yes, poor people have to take a class when buying a house now. Okay, we aren't poor, just low-income. So Saturday morning at 10am we will be in Troy. There is a lot of running around and phone calls going on in my apartment these days. Speaking of, I bought tickets for My Mom, Dad, Kyle and I to see Micheal Franti and Spearhead. I didn't have THAT much money to splurge but the tickets were really cheap. (See why poor people have to take a class? They spend all of their money on things like concert tickets instead of important things like food). My parents haven't been to a concert in forever so I hope they have fun.

Oh and btw I was called "Ducky" yesterday....  :P

 The sad thing is I know who he is and I have never seen the movie. 

Hat, Belt & Earrings -F21
T-shirt-Hanes, boys 6pack from Kmart
Pants-Salvation Army

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19 Musings

  1. Michael Franti tickets are worth being poor lol

    love your trousers!

  2. hahah. I see the Ducky reference. I'd think it's a compliment. He was a badass character.

  3. haha, you look great. and it's funny that someone called you ducky. although, i'm pretty sure the reference was made because of the hat. AND ducky was the best part of the movie.

  4. I LOVE the saddle shoes!! SO cute!

  5. You've never seen Pretty in Pink? Ducky has to be one of my favorite characters. Honestly, its not a perfect movie. For one thing Molly Ringwald got Hughes to end the movie the way she wanted it later he made a movie much much better called "Some Kind of Wonderful" with Eric Stoltz and Mary Masterson...and it ended the way the story was supposed too. & actually, I didn't like the way Ringwald's prom dress turned out either in Pretty in Pink. Its one of my Mom's favorite movies.

    Anyway, hope you have fun with your company..and hey, maybe thats good that you guys are going to a class in house hunting. Too bad you guys can't get on that HGTV show about first time house owners. You guys would be so cute.

    Love the hat!

  6. Once again, you manage to completely rock an outfit I would only look totally ridiculous in. Bitch.


  7. eeee love the outfit, so cute! :) x

  8. great outfit. i love your hat and trousers.

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm totally in love with your shoes!

  10. Ahah well you look adorable either way (I don't know who Ducky is actually!). And crossing my fingers you find the perfect apartment! AND glad you're fitting in some exercise (something I badly need to do!)

  11. Ha! You are so hilarious! I love your paragraph about poor people and tickets!

    And I love the cute menswear look!

  12. so love the hat. yeah, I'm a Ducky fan.

    I want some shoes like that. I had some a long time ago..if only I knew where they were. They probably wouldn't fit.

  13. hi looks soo cute nice glasse beautiful outfit looks amazing

  14. A: I need more information about these mini morning workouts!
    B: I hope they don't make you PAY for this class.
    C: I hope you all have a fantastic time at the concert =)

  15. You totally remind me of Annie Hall in this outfit, Sara! Cutest. Thing. Ever.

    You must see "Pretty in Pink." Ducky is literally the best member of the Rat Pack - he is such a phenomenal character!! :)

  16. Great inspiration. But YOU HAVE TO SEE THE MOVIE. It's great.

    I also love that graffiti wall behind you in the first picture. It's awesome.

  17. You look so freaking cool Sara :D
    I love it!
    Ahhh it's late here but I just had to come and leave you some lovin. Miss you xx

  18. such a cute outfit.the white socks and saddle shoes go perfect with always you look adorable


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