12:00 PM

Calm withdrawal into everything and nothing.
It’s a rest, a recap, a big deep intake,
and a gentle breeze uplifting. Recharge,
alone, yet again a need of comfort the self cannot provide.
What is supposed to be,
Is invalid here. Reaching for a stuffed animal, a phone-something tangible.
          Dwindle down to reality, and then fear rushed over. Just breathe.
          Stifle back the works, bite the wheel-it’s tangible.

Sentimental overload that never turns off. Cannot close the lid, cannot clear out. Breathing harder and suffocating into melt.
There is just no self-esteem without human rubber.
The hot mug burns fingertips-inhaling steam. It’s ease for a moment, until I open my eyes again.
Reminiscing years back,
When I could have craved it, a Virginia Woolf type of formality.   

(This poem was an exercise, even though it's a downer, I kind of liked the outcome. It still might need work though.) 

*This outfit reminds me of a mullet, party on the top, business on the bottom.

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19 Musings

  1. I love your writing because it actually transports the reader to another time and place. It kind of lulls your brain/mind into this calm, peacefulness. I adore it; you are extremely talented, Sara.

    Love the mullet reference by the way. A few years back I interviewed a band and actually titled the article "Business in the Front, Party in the Back," because they said they knew when they needed to be professional and when they could fully let loose and have fun!! :)

    Oh, and I need that necklace. It makes me think of a mosaic - love love!! :)

  2. oh my goodness, my sister would steal that necklace right off of you! great photos.

  3. What a quirky cute owl necklace! :)

  4. want your necklace

    love the poem, particularly how you used the word tangible

  5. very cool poem. love the shirt. great colors..oh, and I love your header, too.

  6. LOVE your necklace. And your poem. The last line is stunning :-)

  7. I love your grey skirt. I think I need one like this.

  8. Lovely poem! I absolutely adore your owl necklace.

  9. I love the poem and its emotion. I especially love the closing line. Wonderful. :]
    lol Your comparison to a mullet is funny. Well you definitely work that mullet look!

  10. What a completely inspired outfit! Both polished and fun!

  11. sara, love ur poem!:) u're very talented! love the outfit above, too! thx again for ur comment on my blog. so awesome that u have pen pals! i had a few back in high school, but unfortunately, have lost touch with them. have a great week!

  12. Your owl necklace is so sweet!

  13. That necklace is so, SO cute! :D Owl necklaces might be my all-time favorite animal-themed accessories trend, they're just adorable!

    And you're a really great writer! Your poem is lovely. :)
    P.S. I'm giving away a dress on my blog if you'd like to enter! ;D

  14. Poem is top notch!

    You's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Have you ever seen The Hours?

    Possibly one of the chicest outfits about! Nice one girlie!
    ELe from BORO X

  15. i love the plaid and the skirt. great outfit. :]

  16. This is such a great outfit. That top is actually a dress?


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