Kitchen Tour & An Outfit

5:47 PM

Are you ready to take look into the living habits of Sara and her cohabitant Kyle? Well today's feature is the kitchen! It's the only room that we did not paint because the room looked amazing on it's own. 

 This is probably my most favorite area of the kitchen, my coffee "station". This is an old bookshelf that Kyle had from his old apartment and since it had wheels on it, he figured it might be something cool to have in the kitchen. 

 This is the view I have everyday from the window above the coffee bookshelf. I love this park so much and it is part of the reason why moving into a house one day will be so hard.

The mask Kyle bought on a trip to Disney World when he was still in High School, he also bought the wooden plaque from a yard sale right before we moved in, why I decided to hang beads all over it is beyond me. The sign was a gift from Kyle's twin brother Brian, I thought it was cute. Even though I need to find a new frame for this, Family stays close with this frame holding pictures from both of our families.

Speaking of family, my dad stained this chair to go with a set we originally had in the apartment, before giving it to my grandma for her place. I think there was only three chairs because this is the only one left and it currently is being used to hold the kitties food and water up and away from Louie.

This is our current dining set, this was my grandfathers and he gave it to us shortly after we moved in because it matched our kitchen. This is one of the projects that Kyle and I would love to attack this summer, to sand it down and stain it. It is a little beat-up.

This is the messy-side of the kitchen, I really love it though. Except for that oven, it heats up hotter on one side than the other, and it is the second one that we have had since we moved in. Baking is always challenging :P

We also keep friends close, a pic of Kyle and his buds on a trip, a cow that Kyle bought me (a change jar) in high-school, a pic of my kittie Barry, a hand-made dish that my Dad gave me and a jar of taco-bell sauce ('cause you always need that).

A few more items are the soap-stone heart and jar Kyle picked up at an art-fair a few years ago, a really cool hanging jar that Kyle got at a garage sale, dried flowers Kyle bought for me :) Purple beeswax candles from the Michigan Renaissance Festival, flower plaques from the dollar store, this amazing picnic basket that a co-worker gave me (so cool!) and something that is ALWAYS in my kitchen, a cup of coffee. 

Onto the outfit pics of the day!

I really don't know why I was making that face but I think I just wasn't ready for the pic yet. :P Well, I am off to my mum's to steal some food, I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

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13 Musings

  1. your kitchen table is adorable

    is that a weird comment? haha

  2. Gotta have a coffee station! Love the dining set. Makes me think of the one we used to have til my brother broke a chair or two. Love the outfit.

  3. I do 'shopping at moms' too haha. Just she doesnt know about it!

    I love the kitchen table too! Don't sand it, its too awesome!!!!x

  4. Your dining table is so cute, my dining table is tiny. I love that last photo of you too, you look beautiful, your eyes are amazing! It really is a good photo.

  5. Seriously who doesn't keep taco bell packets stored in their kitchen. We have a big freezer bag almost half full in our fridge.

  6. I think my coffee station is one of my favorite places too!! Because, really, when do you not need coffee??!!

  7. You guys have such a cute place :-) Love the coffee station!

  8. your hair looks so cute like that! i love your kitchen, it seems so welcoming and homey.

  9. I love your hair today! And your kitchen looks very cozy, like somewhere we could sit and have a conversation (in person) some day :)

  10. I love blue on you! You look smashing in today's outfit Sara.
    Hehe, I like peeking inside your home :)

  11. thanks for the note. thanks for reading.

  12. the picture of R.C. jumping in mid air makes me swoon. literally, swoon.

  13. Ohmigosh Sara I have fallen in LOVE with your coffee station! Books, caffeine - what more could a girl ask for?

    And your outfit is the cutest thing ever. I love the way you mixed plaid and that blue. I never would have thought I would like such a combination but it looks ADORABLE on you!! :)


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