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11:44 AM

Alright, I know it is Wednesday, it is hump-day and it is also final exam second-to-last for me. One more after tonight and I am free for the Summer! I am already thinking of all the fun things that I want to do and none of them are focusing on work or cramming for my exam. 

This "Skirt" is actually a dress, i tucked the top in and added a belt to keep it up. It was kind of poofy but I really liked this outfit. I like clashing prints, this reminds me of something that I might have worn in high-school. (Somewhat).  Kyle, Louie and I discovered that the new Sonic in Royal Oak was open and we went to get some food there last night before I finished up my paper and I am sooooo not going back anytime soon, lol. The food was great but not all that healthy, they did have a chicken wrap that I would like to try though. 

After Kyle took this picture, he wanted a close-up of the flower. There is a well-known fact about me, I randomly will get a case of the giggles and NOT STOP.

Even Louie was like "What the hell?" 

If that wasn't random enough, I have decided what my next unnecessary new collection will be of: Coffee mugs. I LOVE coffee, and most of my mugs are Christmas ones  from the dollar store. I don't really want a set or anything, just a little variety. Possibly some hand-made ones, or cheesy huge souvenir mugs or something. Do you collect anything random?
Top, belt, flower & necklace -F21

Song: "El Scorcho" by Weezer

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  1. Yayay! A fellow stop-everything-and-giggle-for-absolutely-no-reason girl. I have a tendency to do the very same thing - especially when I'm having my picture taken. Please don't ask me why. Though I am more apt to laugh when people fall. I know it's not nice, and I feel horrible for it; but I find it funny when people fall and laugh or runaway from them trying to contain my laughter. On the bright side, I laugh when I fall as well - so I figure it's okay.

    Anyway...you mix prints liek a pro - loving the nautical vibe of your top paired with the floral skirt/dress. So cute! And your boots...the more I see those boots the more I want them!

    Good luck on your final exam tonight, Sara! I can't believe you're almost on summer break - so lucky!! :)

  2. oH MY, I just heard this song on our work IPOD and was thinking about how awesome Weezer was (is)!! I love your bangs and how they have that gradual fade on the side. very nice.

  3. Aw, those pics are too cute! I love getting the giggles! It makes me feel like everything is just right!

  4. Cute photos! I love the skirt!

  5. I love the colours and the patterns Sara! You look freaking fantabulous! (Fantastic and fabulous, naturally :p) I am also very fond of that flower.

    That photo of Louie is gorgeous. I totally giggled "Even Louie was like what the hell?"

    Will send you an email today. I hate being too caught up to email/write you every day, haha. :) I can't wait to see your collecting of coffee cups!

  6. I never would have guessed your "skirt" was a dress - such a great idea! I love it!

  7. Hmmm... do I collect anything random?

    I guess I have a mini collection of these tea pot shaped tea bag rests. I have two right now and I can the collection growing.

  8. I want to collect coffee mugs too!

    cute skirt/dress thing haha

    I've never had sonic...sad

  9. sweet Louise. Well, sometimes..you just gotta laugh. Umm..love the mustard burgers at Sonic. & the cherry limeade.

  10. Too cute! I love the color combo.

    I have a small collection consisting of Hello Kitty and Pandas.

  11. Love the print. and the hair accessory...yoo are so cute. Love your blog. Cheers!!!

  12. Cute outfit! What a creative way to use something else as a skirt. You mix prints wonderfully, but I can't seem to get it right! Oh well, maybe one day.

  13. you are so adorable and hilarious! Your flower is way cute too!

  14. i started collecting meaningful coffee mugs when i got my apartment! my favorite one is from a good will -- it's of a saturday evening post cover!

  15. Your summer starts in April? Oh how odd! Ours begins in May and most people even think that's early because they usually let out in mid June. I really like how you mixed the floral and stipes. I'm trying to get into mixology...I'm just so intimidated by looking goofy!


  16. Cute colour combination in this outfit!


  17. this is like soooo 2010 but Japanese caught my eye! was i cheated? hahaha anyway this is funny, ur dog ! and the giggle photo is adorbs! could make a gif out of that! ps sorry for creeping i just click the link below ur latest post haha


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