Project: Fuzzy

12:35 PM

I thought that I might take a break from the apartment tour to share with you guys my pictures for the contest on chictopia; The chic and the fuzzy! 

It is pretty difficult to take pics with Louie, he is sometimes camera-ready and at other times he is just a spaz. Yet, he somehow takes better pictures than either of my kitties. They manage to look adorable until they see the camera, then they just go crazy. 

 I kept the outfit pretty simple because I knew I wanted the focus to be on Louie. Of all the pictures we took, the last one is the one I think we are going to submit. 

This one was Kyle's fave and since he was nice enough to follow us around and take a bunch of pics I think his opinion should count. 

If you feel inclined to vote for this picture on chiptopia (If you have an account) please do! 

Vintage Cardigan-Regeneration

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18 Musings

  1. woah he is one huge, but adorable dog

  2. I love these pictures; Louie and you are just so cute! Makes me wish I Had a dog again

  3. the third one is also my favorite! Louie is such a beautiful dog. nice meeting your adorable blog :)

  4. HAHAH i love the one of you and louie holding hands!

    its so awesome! :) xxx

  5. Amazing pictures!!!!

    Happy Sunday,
    Hope xx

  6. LOVE those pictures! The third picture is adorable:) Red is your color!

  7. That last picture is so adorable, I absolutely love it! Haha I know how difficult it can be to get pictures with animals :) Good luck on the contest, I shall vote for you!

  8. Aw, he is too cute! I love smiley doggies! They just lift my spirits so much! You look quite cute yourself!!

  9. That last picture is really cute. I also really like the first one too.

  10. That last picture is adorable, but I love the first one too. That should be framed or something, I love the border the trees create.

    Good luck! I might sign up on Chictopia just to vote for you. Haha

  11. I love the last photo! So much fun :)

  12. You and Louie are soooo cute together!

  13. Cute pics! And super cute dog!

  14. oh so cute...and i love your outfit and your boots. so cool!!!

  15. hey i finally signed up on chictopia so i am goin to vote for yoo now. huggggss...


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