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 My Girl(s)
Ever since I have started blogging, I have met some amazing new friends. I call them friends because I talk to them everyday, share tips and ideas with them, mail them stuff and I have even been lucky enough to meet one of them. I hope to someday meet them all as they are completely wonderful and they always make my day better. Here is my very first Top 5 favorite bloggers (first meaning there will be more to come) on my Friday Night Feature. Meet the girls:

Quintessentially Quirky -Tess of Quintessential Quirky was one of the first bloggers that I had came across. Her Blog covers everything from cool hipster music, literature ranging from Tolstoy to Jonathan Lethem, music and fashion reviews as well as her own personal street fashion mixed in with some other random musings. Her blog is never one to bore and I love the eclectic style of it. Tess, like me, is an English major and I love how she shares her witticisms so creatively in her posts. I really look forward to picking up her first book at my local bookstore someday. She also takes captivating pictures and shares them with the rest of us bloggers, I enjoy them very much. 

Up next is Kallie from Happy, honey and Lark.

Kallie is a girl that I know if I could meet in real-life, we would have a ball. Her blog is very sweet but her posts have just enough quirkiness. Even a little sarcasm. I love seeing her photos of her outings with her friends because she is always smiling and looking like she is having a great time. This girl also has a pretty sweet style that I admire and I can't get enough of her outfit posts. Just by reading her blog, you can tell that she is 100% genuinely awesome.

If you have an interest in fashion, then you must have stopped by Erika's blog Cafe Fashionista. Her blog is updated daily with the most wonderful posts that a girl could ask for. I love the way she addresses her fellow bloggers by calling us 'darlings' and 'kitty-cats', it really brightens ones day.  Each day her blog has its own theme, and I wish I could pick my favorite but I honestly can't. Each time I go to her page I am rewarded with something exciting, her blog is like the best part of a fashion magazine that is updated daily (a really good one at that).

Here we have a blogger that I have been lucky enough to have met, Katie of Tinda Keelie. She is the sweetest of the sweets and can also crack a joke. Although I was a little shy, I loved meeting her in Grand Rapids last weekend and I am very excited to catch up with her again in a few months in my hometown. Katie has a very adorable style and you can be sure to catch her looks on Chictopia as well as her personal blog, and she takes her own pictures. I really wish that she lived a little closer so I could hangout with her every weekend.

And Last but not least, is the amazing Ebony of Ebony & Ivory. Ebony is my favorite blogger and my best friend in the internet world. We are dead-set on taking a road trip across the US one day, an American and an Australian, ready to tear it up on the open road!! Ebony's blog never has a dull moment, although with her baking she makes me hungry. She shares so many wonderful things with her readers, like vacation trips, family photos, her baking tips, all the wonderful trinkets that she finds on the internet and in the real-world as well as her personal style. I am also a huge fan of her interviews, she puts mine to shame! I know that she is an awesome girl, and I cannot wait until I can meet her one day.  *how could you not love a face like that?

So guys and gals, do you have a favorite blogger?

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  1. I too love the blogging community. Right now one of my faves is Another Day to Dress Up, http://www.anotherdaytodressup.blogspot.com

  2. THANKS SO MUCH SARA! This is such an honor, your write up of me was so thoughtful and sweet. I really hope that one day there will be a book of mine you can buy at the local bookstore, keeping my fingers crossed. I'm glad that you're encouraging me to write though. once again, the smile on my face is as wide as a boomerang right now :)

    these others bloggers are great too, and there are some I still need to read, reading now!

  3. Awh this is such a lovely blog post and it's so nice that you took time out to write something personal and special for each person. =]

  4. awww, Sara- you're the sweetest thing ever! I can't wait til She & Him and our blogger Mt Pleasant visits this summer!

  5. i only know cafe fashionista from these girls. but id love to check the rest. thanks for sharing.

    p.s. i'm a follower :)

  6. Thank you!!! Girl, I feel like driving out there and giving you a hug (then going and getting a beer)! You are too sweet. I can't wait to look at the other bloggers featured. Tess is one of my favorites too, she's a delight!
    ps-outfit post being worked on right meow.

  7. Great blogs! It's nice to see a few get recognized that I'm not familiar with :-)

  8. Ohmigosh I so adore you for including me as one of your girls, Sara! You are the sweetest ever! This is actually funny because just yesterday morning I was talking to my mom, and I brought you and your blog up and was telling her how you had introduced me to Wicker Park, and that I wished we lived closer so we could meet! And then...this!

    I love EVERYTHING about this post. And you!

    Happy, Happy Weekend, my love!

    And by the way...Tess - love love! She was one of my first blogger discoveries when I started blogging, and I have followed her ever since!! :)

  9. oh! sweet post! ^_^ and cute ladies!
    Happy Easter honey! ;)

  10. All are so pretty! Happy Easter!

  11. Hey lady, I have nominated you for an award! It's at my blog ;-)

  12. I got back from holidays yesterday with a massive cold (damn changing weather) and a sore head from lack of sleep. I was actually thinking about staying in all day but YOU convinced me otherwise - you always make me feel so good about myself Sara, and that's why you are of my best friends! Will send you an email tonight after netball and tell you all about my trip. Hope you had a grand easter!
    Love you xoxox


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