The Columbarium project

3:59 PM

I think this past week was one of the longest weeks ever. Then this weekend is flying by! There is a lot for the update tomorrow but I would like to share the project I had been working on all week. My poetry workshop is already a little insane, but in a good way. Then throw and arts and crafts project on top of that, and you have 8 students who did not sleep this week. 

The columbarium project had to involve a lot, our interpretation of a niche, 8-10 poems, something from our childhood homes as well as an epigraph from Gaston Bachlard "The poetics of space." Mine was a challenge because I got the great Idea in my head that I could decoupage my box, when I never had done it before. It did not look antiqued at all but it was still manageable. 

We also had to include this picture of Bees. The cow is a stand-in for my old dog Angus, I was also very tired and forgot to take a picture of the inside of my box, where the poems are and the catalog that I created. Here are the other students projects: 


 I have to apologize for bombarding you guys with so many pictures!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and if you celebrate Easter, Happy Bunny Day!!

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8 Musings

  1. I really wish I got cool projects like this in school.

  2. What a cool project, I love your idea of the decoupaged box! I adore your blouse!

  3. It's always so nice when your big projects are finished and you can relax a bit!!

  4. that is such a cool project idea, yours turned out wonderfully

  5. Happy Easter to you too :) I love those shorts and all those projects look like fun.

  6. ooh that project makes me want to scrapbook

  7. Those projects are so beautiful and creative! I love that they are all so different and creative. I love the color of yours with the bees!!!!!! AHH BEES AND HONEY... how could I not love it? So much inspiration in this post. Your college must be very cool to have projects like that in poetry classes. <3

  8. Ohmigosh Sara I am so fully obsessed with this outfit - it is the cutest thing ever; and I kind of want your shorts. And your top. And, honestly, I wouldn't mind the boots either.

    Your Columbarium Project looks gorgeous - what a fantastic job you did! Though it looks like it took ages to complete!

    Happy, Happy Belated Easter, my love!! :)


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