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"Keep It Simple Sweetheart" 

I kind of had a bigger post yesterday and included a little update in it, so I will be keeping it short today. The outfit is from yesterday, jeans! Twice in one week too. Also, I think it would be great if Louie was in every blog post! I fear, that it would get old quick but he is just so cute and crazy! So far this morning the "plans" are going good.***Thank you everyone for all the feedback and advice! I will might be emailing a few of you later on, thank you so much!!*** I didn't do a workout DVD because I could not find them, but I did do some crunches and push-ups. I have also packed a water bottle today, and I gulped a glass down this morning. I figure I can update you guys every monday on the progress. 
Friday night was our monthly ritual of going out for a drink after bulk inventory. My boss and I checked out a really cool bar, but I am going to save the pictures for Wednesday because they really are random as all hell. I also went out with the guys later that night and Kyle met up with us after work. Saturday kyle and I basically bummed around all day before heading to the craft store for a project (which will be posted Sunday) then we headed out for a bite to eat. We also played pool just the two of us for over an hour and It was a lot of fun. Then we came home to watch "Without a paddle". Sunday I did homework, but took a two hour break to check something out with my Dad, again more to follow.

This week is looking like the craziest week of the winter semester, but at least so much will be done after it's over. Also, the weather is supposed to be so nice this week! I am hoping that it stays nice for the weekend as well.

Jeans & necklace-F21

Finish Project
Finish paper
Finish Homework
Buy Food

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18 Musings

  1. I don't know, my work computer might have messed it up, I will repost tonight when i get home, sorry guys!

  2. Aw--I put my pup in almost every entry...if not every one. I love him too much to leave him out!! Plus, who doesn't like seeing adorable pics of doggies?!

  3. oh wait, I can see it now. my comp is being funky actually love your scarf!

  4. Love your scarf and necklace!

  5. Thankyou for adding me on weardrobe i'll follow you back. It's handy having people I know on there too.

  6. i LOVE this whole outfit. you look great!

    you remind me SO MUCH of mel from idee geniale! looks and your style!


  7. Gorgeous necklace and scarf combo.
    Haha, I swear I am addicted to the net... I'm at a macshop right now to check up on your blog. I just wish you lived in this country so I could call you all the time :)
    That would be fun playing pool - I suck so bad at it. We could play doubles! I don't think David is as terrible as I... Ahh, one day.

  8. I love your casual look, that cardigan is lovely!

  9. I think it would be great if Louie were in everyone of your posts, as well - I adore him! Just as much as I adore your outfit, in fact. Your boots and scarf equal love! And your hair is tres adorable in a pony! :)

    Yayay! I'm so glad you actually know who Mayer Hawthorne is! Honestly, every time I mention him to anyone they look at me like I'm crazy - no one has heard of him it seems!! :/

  10. i'm with ya on the crazy times at school! this month is going to be a killer. love the scarf and necklace paired together. brings a very romantic element to an otherwise cute urban look.

  11. Nice outfit, I love the scarf! Such a cute dog.Thanks for your comment!

  12. Seriously behind on reading this week (stupid school) but I just laughed SO hard when I saw "Keep it simple sweetheart".... The memories!!!!! Love the scarf too

  13. Love your outfit, great scarf & necklace :)


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