Project: No More Fat!

3:05 PM

I do not want this post to be a rant about how much I hate my body, or how I want to  be thin blah, blah, blah. I have just realized that ever since last summer, I have not been taking care of my body as much as I should. I have been indulging in Taco-bell, pizza, and a ton of chips. The only liquids I ever drink are coffee and beer. (%90 coffee, %10 beer and NO water!) I am always tired, I hardly exercise except for walking Louie, and I just feel like crap. 

I know most of this is because of my crazy schedule. I either eat in the car, on the road from work to school or at 10:30 at night when I finally get home. I have also been avoiding the grocery store, there are no fresh veggies and fruit in my apartment. 

I also have inherited hypoglycemia from my mother's side of the family, and I am supposed to be very careful about sugar as it can make me crazed for about an hour, before I pass out entirely. I have been sticking to diet soda, and I drink my coffee black, but I need to eat more protein to keep my energy up. The good side of this is it means I get to eat a lot of cheese and peanut butter, I am a peanut butter freak, but they are high in fat. So I have to work my way around that. 

So where to start? I am thinking of this as I have an insane next four weeks...well, I am starting with asking Kyle to pick up a salad to go with our pizza tonight. :P (need one last meal right?) And also by doing 10-15 minutes of a small workout every morning. I have all of these little workout DVD's that I have been hoarding for years. Also, it seems lame but take the stairs, park farther away, and I am also going to start walking at lunch time. I am going to start eating at home before I go out at night, as well as ordering vodka and diet instead of my usual PBR. I am going to drink water, I am going to buy more fresh food and post any healthy meals on here that I make.  

I checked with my doctor on my BMI and it looks like my goal weight is going to be 116. I currently reside at 130, I do not have far to go, but the challenge is to also increase my strength. I do not want to be boring and cut-out all junk food, (hence the pizza tonight) but I want to make it more of a treat. Especially since the junk food causes me to spend more money. I am going to keep updates on here and I am very open to any suggestions that you guys might have for me. 

 On another note, the apartment has been clean all week! There is still the Spring cleaning that we have to do, so very soon the tour of the apartment will happen on this blog. I am excited about that because Kyle and I worked really hard last summer paint and organizing the place. 

Shirt & shorts-Target
Suspenders-Hot Topic


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  1. is so easy to eat out instead of coooking something at home...especially when you are hungry and you either don't feel like waiting or you just time have the time to cook...I think the things that you are gonna start doing will help a little...but besides all the healthy talk you look your pictures on the playground :)

  2. You're so adorable in these pictures and yay new apartment!
    Also, wow 116! You're weight is MY goal weight (currently 142!). I wouldn't be disheartened if you don't reach 116 or lose weight. The sucky part about getting more fit (and more muscular as a result) is that muscle weights more than fat. And you're pretty slim already! You'll be able to see the different when everything feels more toned, you have more energy, and are generally even happier! Good luck =)

  3. Sara, you look great already, but I can understand your motivation to get in shape. As much as staying in shape and eating right sounds boring it really does make you feel so much better. I think you have some good goals now, taking stairs is a really easy remedy for exercise and salads are a good way to get in some veggies and avoid over eating pizza (as yummy as it is). not to be patronizing, but if you don't mind I have a few eating tips that might help:

    -as a budgeting/lazy/unskilled college student who cooks, I eat a lot of pasta, but recently I've been eating whole wheat pasta which is a bit healthier and has its own unique taste

    -having dried fruits, nuts, and frozen veggies around the house is a good way to have a nutritious snack without needing to buy fresh fruits and vegs every week

    -green tea really keeps my gut from getting sluggish

    -usually most bread baskets at restaurants aren't great anyway, so I tend to skip them

    -I always have a glass of water in the morning, usually I'm thirsty anyway so it's an easy way to get some water into my day

  4. Your shorts are too cute! Also--good luck with getting onto a better meal schedule! We definitely had a period of time where we ate out at least three times a week or more...and it made me feel so poopy! But then we realized how much we could save if we cooked at home, and it has been great ever since! We still eat out about one time every week or two, but I've really started to enjoy cooking at home!

    Also, I used to all the time! So my husband suggested I drink a glass of water to see if I'm really hungry, or just thirsty, because apparently our brains confuse the two! Sometimes, it really is just thirst! But sometimes, the snack is warranted!

  5. I totally know what you mean - I eat such terrible crap because I'm never home and don't have time to cook! So it's always diet soda and candy and popcorn. It's just awful :[ But good luck with your health plan! As soon as I graduate, I NEED to do something!

  6. Good luck on your new regiment! Lord knows I need to adapt some kind of similar routine, not necessarily because I'm overweight or anything but because I've been eating unhealthy and not exercising! Be sure to post about your progress!

  7. Super cute belt! Super cute dog too! :)

  8. Very cute outfit! I love how your shoes match your red shirt. I also love the tights! :)

  9. Well, I think you look just fine. But, I do know the difference that eating right and exercising can make for mental health, good energy, etc.

    I'm not one to give unsolicited advice, but I'm a total nerd for that stuff. Email me if you want to talk geeky diet and fitness stuff! And best of luck!

  10. first, your suspenders make me so happy! i love them. i think i want a pair.
    second, i know what you mean about wanting to take care of your body more so than lose weight.
    Snacking is key especially when its protein, the best protein-y things i know of to snack on: Beef jerky (just make sure to get a BIG bottle of water to go with this bc it has a lot of sodium), hardboiled eggs, almonds, cheddar cheese slices on an apple slice (i die this is so good). I also replaced pasta with quinoa at meals because its a high protein grain that fills that carby void on the dinner plate but is mostly protein.

  11. A suggestion for working out...I use Denise Austin's DVD "Shrink Your Female Fat Zones." It is divided into two twenty minute workouts which target the problem areas females have. I usually do the whole DVD (40 minutes) 3 days a week, and my body is completely toned and I feel amazing. I highly recommend it! :)

  12. I think it's fantastic that you want to get into shape in a healthy way! For the longest time, I would lose weight by just skipping meals and whatnot, but I finally realized that you CAN eat what you like and still lose's just all about how often you eat it and the portions. I lost 10 pounds by cutting out a lot of fast food (though I'd still have it every now and then), not eating after 8:00 p.m., and by having a few small meals/snacks throughout the day. I usually went with a peanut butter sandwich on cinnamon bread for lunch. It's delicious and the balance between carbs and protein is great for energy!
    I also like to hike which is a good way to get exercise. It's like walking with a better view and prettier surroundings! haha. Walking the dog is great too!

    Good luck! I look forward to seeing your progress!

    Also, this outfit is fantastic! I love suspenders and the belt is adorable. :)

  13. Good luck with your health plan, I'm no good, I'm on the road and at airports all the time, healthy choices are not always options.

    This outfit has got to be the cutest! I jsut wanna reach out and give you a huge huge hug


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