Something Special On A Saturday!

1:31 PM

I think it is an incredibly wonderful experience when a person has the sudden realization that another person is their friend. How all the little things build up over time, similarities, passions, laughs..when you look forward to talking to that person, or you can't wait to tell them a joke you heard, or a thought you had. Then, realize that you have a great friend. 

Ebony of Ebony & Ivory created this for us on her scrap-booking site. I was geeked when she emailed me and posted it, she is so creative and I love seeing her pages.  If you would like to check out more of her pages, you can here.

*I love you Ebs!

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6 Musings

  1. Aw--so sweet! It's amazing to realize when you make a new friend! It's just such a special relationship!

  2. Hi, I tagged you for "what´s in your bag"! xxx

  3. Aww that is so precious! I know exactly what you mean--it's so amazing to watch a new friendship blossom like that :)

  4. Awww...this is so incredibly perfect! Good friends are hard to come by; but what a lovely way to pay tribute to a fabulous friend! :)

  5. I love you too :)
    Lovin my holiday - can't wait to tell you about it when I get home!


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