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11:32 AM

I have realized that as it has been getting warmer, most of my outfits have been taking on a more autumn look (the leaves don't help). It is hands-down, my favorite season of course, but I think with the weather being so nice I really need to incorporate more of my spring wardrobe. This is another tunic that I bought, and then never really wore because they make me look pregnant, but then after buying a few high-wasted bottoms, I have more use for them. 

This week I am going to feature another book, but this time it is a non-fiction one. I just finished reading SLUT! by Laura Tenenbaum for my women and gender studies course at Oakland. It actually is a well-written book about females that have fell victim to "slut bashing" and how it affected their lives. There are several real stories told by women in this book that are horrible to read because you feel so bad. It also is about how women bash each other constantly, most of the women in the book who tell their "slut" stories, say that the girls were the worse. I really don't want to give too much away, but I highly recommend this book. 

**It's She&Him Day!! :D

Tunic & Skirt-F21
Shoes-Second skins etsy

To-do list:
Clean apartment
Finish Homework 
Buy Food
Start WGS Paper 

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16 Musings

  1. Looking pregnant when you're not is definitely a problem with tunics. I look for ones with empire waists, or some sort of belt that cinch in the waist to give a more sleek fit. I used to avoid them like the plague until I realized that - now, oddly enough, I wear them all the time with leggings!!

    I have to say, that book actually sounds interesting. I may need to check it out myself!! :)

  2. Thank you sweetie for your comment!
    ps: i love the t-shirt from Where the Wild Things Are *___*

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comment and I'm loving this outfit!!! xx


  4. love the outfit!

    interesting book...I must admit I've used the word slut before...I don't regret calling the girl that necessarily...although maybe I should?

  5. you look amazing as always!x

  6. hey your outfit looks great..i absolutely love the shoes you are wearing...and that book seems like a good read..will have to check it out..

  7. I need to get that book, I;m sure its funny!

  8. You look lovely! I think I'm taking a gender studies class next semester. neat-o

  9. that book sounds interesting! i took a sociology of gender class last spring and it has since been one of my best college memories! i grew so much as a person & a student! i hope your enjoy your class.

  10. adorable way to make a pregnant-y tunic look fresh and well, def not preggo! the book sounds interesting, but im sure hard to read at time. ack high school girlhood.

  11. the blouse is so pretty and perfect for spring! and that book looks hilarious :)))


  12. I love your beautiful floral blouse and your gray skirt! Oh what an interesting book, I think I may check it out!

  13. Love the floral print. Yay for She and Him day! The packaging for the new album is cute. It reminds me of the inside of an old library book, when they had to stamp the due dates on the cards.

  14. You are so sweet and fancy :) You do not look pregnant, you look teeny tiny! That book sounds interesting, might need to check it out xx


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