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12:30 PM

This weekend has left me a rude non-awakening. I slept in Saturday until 2:30pm. I feel gross  just typing that but it is true. After the last few weeks of staying up until 2 am, and then getting up at 5:45am, my body couldn't take it. I am defiantly a person who likes to be extremely busy but I guess not having a car, work being insane, school and two trips in the past two weeks did it. I awoke Sunday (again late but not as bad as Saturday) and I decided that I need to take care of myself and my surroundings. I need to pace myself so that I am not doing everything at once. On that note, I have 3 papers to do, 3 projects and an exam in 4 weeks. Add to that my abused apartment. No one believes me that it is clean sometimes. It gets bad, and I get stressed...not good. So I have decided to try something new: I will do all the every-day cleaning, dust, dishes etc. And Kyle will do the deeper -cleaning, at least two things a week, like mop the floor, clean the fridge, yadda, yadda,yadda. Now this seems pretty sane as long as I get the place cleaned up before then. I am also going to do some apartment posts on Sundays to force myself to take pictures of a CLEAN apartment. I know that cleaning my apartment might be something very random to post about but I will gladly take any tips on staying organized :)

Also,  here are a few pics from bowling on Saturday night with everyone: 


I have been bombarding you guys with pictures lately so I am not posting all of them (and my computer is slow).  Also, for a full recap of the night you can check out my post on the Motor City Blog    here. (I swear it looks like I am an alcoholic, but I am not.)

I am looking forward to a productive week, the weather looks decent and I bought 2 giant tubs of coffee. Things are looking pleasant.

*PS-I am going to see She&Him in June @ the Royal Oak music theater :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vintage Lions Cheerleader sweater-Thrifted via regeneration.

To-do list:
Finish Homework
Clean apartment
Buy food
Start WGS paper


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11 Musings

  1. arrgh no way! Jealous!

    After hearing so many people blogging about She&Him I checked them out and I lurrrvvvee them!

    Doubt they'll play in the UK anytime soon :(

    Love the little WTWTA tee/shorts combo, you look adorable!x

  2. Ugh, I need a cleaning routine too. Definately not the best at keeping up with it ;-)

  3. for $24 i say "fuck yes" to she & him. excuse my french, i'm just excited as heck. so yeah- i'm buying my ticket right now and we are going together! deal!?

  4. I've been stressed out too and isnt everyone. And yess we have to hang out soon coz I have to talk to you about something and its kinda personal.

  5. I like being productive too and fancy myself a morning person, but I slept in until 10 am every day of my vacation

  6. I love the Wild Things Tee :D

  7. Thanks for your comment and for following me. I'm looking forward to following you now too :) I love finding inspirational and friendly blogs!

    Hope you're enjoying your Monday night xx

  8. Wow, I love your WTWTA tee! I love that book! You look so great!

    Would you like to exchange links?

  9. your outfit is so cute, the bow is my favorite! get some sleep girl!!!

  10. cute stuff! looks like fun too :)

  11. You look too cute in that picture! Don't feel bad about sleeping in so late! It's definitely understandable after such a long week.
    And I'm definitely feeling that stress vibe right now too. Midterms and papers this week. Thank goodness I have spring break to look forward to after though.
    You are so lucky that you're going to see She&Him! Take me with you! haha


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